Friday, 30 November 2012


Time again for the annual St. Hubert Street Christmas Parade! At night!  When it's cold!

Like last year, we were joined by our partners in crime, Manon and Luana.   

I love this picture because everyone is smiling and happy except MY TWO KIDS. Yay! And the parade hasn't even started!

As soon as the lights started coming our way, things looked up.


I was told there would be elves.

Santa came but he wasn't very well lit so no photos.  

And to finish it all off, an old bus!  How festive!

It was great fun but I was glad to have a warm car to get home in because BRRRR.

Today I put up a few decorations so that when we got home, the Christmas fun would continue.  You know what's awesome?  Introducing the new kid to all the holiday tchotkes.  
A snowman and a dog that SING?? *mindblown*
And that, dear reader(s) concludes my month of daily blogging.  As always, thank you so much for reading.  Even when it's crap.

I'll really try not to drop the ball in December but just in case, Merry Christmas!  And Happy New Year!  And Happy Valentine's Day!  

Just kidding.  

I can't quit you, blog.  

Now go forth and enjoy the next few weeks!  I plan to.  Pinterest be darned.


Carolee said... can't be over already! C'mon, you're in the habit now - just don't look at the calendar, huh? Huh?

Maguiresaunt said...

So sad it's over!

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