Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Snow. Angels.

Technically it's not snowing today (at all) but it sure is chilly.  Liliane actually ASKED ME if she could wear her snowpants today because she was cold at the park yesterday.  COLD.  LILIANE WAS COLD.   I don't think you realize what a big deal this is.  My crazy anti-winter-gear-tantrum-throwing baby is growing up!  And it helped that all the other kids in her group had their pants.  Peer pressure FTW!

Once I picked myself up from the floor where I had fainted from shock, I quietly said "why, what a good idea, oh reasonable and intelligent child" and got her snowpants out of the closet.   They still fit (YAY) and also I dug out Liliane's old suit for Alice.  Which is too big but hooray for hand-me-downs!

This is tomorrow's forecast so I'm feeling pretty smug about being all prepared and everything.  

Alice was amenable to the whole new suit thing as long as she could still toddle around and play with shoes. 

We really should buy that child some toys.

Practicing their snow angel moves.

Awesome.  One less part of the floor to clean up.  Buff and shine girls, buff and shine!

 So easy.  Who saw THAT coming? 

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