Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Fingers Crossed

This is what I did today!  Solo trip to Ikea to buy all the bed stuff.  Mattresses, flat sheets, pillow for Liliane, baby pillow for Alice, duvet, duvet cover, pillowcase and nightlight.

I went with hearts. We need a rest from characters.  

 You know Liliane, she always has such trouble expressing herself.  I think she was happy?

And even though she is staying in her crib for now, this little monkey was chuffed to climb on the bottom bunk and roll around.  All by her onesie.

Liliane's mood was contagious.  She was so excited to go to bed and isn't that what every parent wants to hear? 

 Shortly after this photo, this one clanged her head on the railings.  Nothing serious and it was good to get the first new-bed-related-injury out of the way.  Honestly I thought she would take a dive off the side first, but that kid enjoys being unpredictable.

As I type this (10:30 PM EST) all is quiet.  Alice was still awake (new lights! what is this music? why is everyone so excited?) when Liliane went to bed so it was... interesting.

But I'm not even going to worry about it.  They'll get used to it and I think eventually enjoy having the other one closeby.  His eye is on the sparrow, remember?

PS - it totally snowed today.  It didn't really stick per se, but BOOYAH! The Piercy Arbour girls were ready!  Not so much willing on day 2 of snow gear, but they were ready!

1 comment:

Carolee said...

Aww, I can feel the excitement from here! How fun for them and nice call on the bedding.

Hope you get some real snow soon before the snowsuit novelty wears off!

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