Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Family That Coughs Together...

...Hangs out together.  Alone.  

Yep, we are all four officially sick with colds.  Nothing serious but there is more sneezing and hacking and crusty red noses around here than your average Kleenex commercial.

So we stayed home from church but did manage to accomplish this:
The building of the bunkbeds!  

Liliane has been sleeping on the pullout bed in the living room for about six months now (?) mainly because her toddler bed was just too small.  It's definitely time for her to get back her room and she is super excited about sleeping on the top bunk.  Like a princess.  

OK, whatever.

Yes, there are no mattresses.  We don't believe in a lot of luxury around here.


Ikea was out of them when we bought the beds last week.  I now have to go back and spend more money on the mattresses and bedding than the bed itself.  Naturally.  

But it's all very exciting.  Alice will eventually sleep on the bottom bunk (which is conveniently not too high off the ground) so we gave the toddler bed away.   

I would be lying if I said I wasn't just a little concerned about Liliane transitioning back into her room. Particularly the part where she SHARES that room.  She needs a light on, Alice does not.  Liliane has her sleepy music, Alice has different sleepy music. Liliane has a habit (that we are currently trying to break) of calling out to us in the night, Alice has a habit of waking up when she hears her sister yelling.  

But you know what?  I'm not going to worry about it.  I've turned that over to the Big Guy Upstairs.  His eye is on the sparrow, I know He watches me.  I love that song (particularly my friend Jonathan's version of it - hi Jonathan! Really miss your singing!)

This is the great Mahalia Jackson version.  I just got all weepy listening to it, but that could be the Nyquil talking.  What a great promise!

ANYWAY, I'll let you know how how the new bed situation goes.  If I can stop sneezing long enough to type. 

Also, I made these cupcakes today for our friend Pierre's belated birthday.  Our DEAR friend Pierre who came over to help construct the beds because oh my, one man cannot build those alone.  Especially when the man's wife must wrangle the children.   The cupcakes were divine.   Alice spent most of the evening making googly eyes at Pierre.  He's a total babe-y magnet.  

Off to get more kleenex.  Wishing you all more sleep than we will surely get.


bari said...

a)I always wanted a bunkbed so I am truly jealous. b)asher is dying for a bunkbed I told him when he is 6 (maybe hearing some success stories can move it to 5?) Moving them back together is going to be rough but worth it. whats a few days or a week of misery to have a LR back, and 2 happy sisters sharing a room?!

Theresa said...

Yes! We're totally psyched to get our living room back and eager to enjoy the whole "sisters sharing a room and loving it" phenomenon. Hoping that this applies to girls with big personalities, too. We'll see!

bari said...

Every little girl I know has a big personality. they even make quiet, reserved ones?? If so I'd like to put an order in now. One sassafrass is enough for this family (and I dont mean me!)

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