Monday, 28 March 2011

How Ikea Tried to Kill My Marriage

We survived. Probably because we ate lunch for less than $10.

But we got what we went for - a big girl bed. We decided to go for the not-quite-single-bed-size model which turned out to be perfect.

While Stéphane stayed home to put it together, I took the big girl out to choose bedding. Surprise! It's all about Dora.

Mission accomplished.

So the crib is now on the other side of the room, juuuust out of frame of all these photos. Once we moved a few things around, we were surprised at how well the two beds fit. We also got some super cute under-the-bed storage which took care of a surprising amount of toys.

So.... right. We're going to be putting another baby in that crib.

Wow. Kinda makes it real now that it's all empty and just sitting there. Ready.

It hits me every now and then, like when I'm combing out Liliane's hair after her bath and Stéphane is cleaning up the kitchen, that it's pretty easy just having one. How the heck are we going to add a newborn into the mix? Do I comb hair with one hand? Will the kitchen just always be a mess? Is it too late to change our minds?

Anyway, everything else is fine. I think my husband has almost forgiven me for Sunday. Liliane is good although all about Maman these days.

Parents, any advice on the morph from one to two? Everyone says it's easy but... really?

Monday, 21 March 2011

Girl Power, Etc.

I'm still here! Really! Blah, blah, still busy (please see my last post) oh and pregnant. Which is fun and everything but this kiddo is sucking the LIFE out of me already. ALREADY. Ha ha, just kidding, baby. I can't wait until you get here (stork is dropping off, right?) and you can suck the life out of me... literally! Actually I can't wait to nuzzle your fuzzy head and nibble your teeny toes. BAYBEE FEET. NOM NOM NOM.

So in case I didn't mention it already, we had an ultrasound 2 weeks ago and yep, definitely another girl. We're relieved because we have all the stuff already although hoping desperately that this kid is a little more, um, easygoing than her big sister. There's a finite allowance of personality per family, right? Surely Liliane has used up all that Type A juice so fingers crossed that the new girl is kind of a slacker. Or at least likes to sleep and doesn't hate doing her jacket up or wearing snowpants or being buckled into her carseat. Can you tell I'm a little tired of winter?

Speaking of which, since today is actually the first day of Spring, Montréal decided to celebrate with a 10 cm wet snowstorm. Yep, it was awesome. On a related note, I have seriously stopped calculating how much money we've spent on crap-weather taxi rides to and from daycare since January. Just doing our part to keep the car-for-hire industry alive and well here! Sorry baby, hope you like hand me down EVERYTHING because Maman couldn't handle a little bit of slush.

ANYWAY. Now that I'm firmly in my second trimester, I'm waiting for that "burst of energy" I'm supposed to be getting anytime now. Hello? Anyone? The all-around queasiness is definitely gone, but oh ho ho! Surprise! It comes back with a vengeance when I'm too tired or too hungry or the wind blows the wrong way or I get a massage. Yeah, a blissful, stress-releasing, muscle-soothing maternity massage last week made me want to hurl. Sigh.

So that's what's up with me! Aren't you glad you asked? Just be glad I didn't tell you about the pelvic pain (how is it possible to HURT LIKE THAT, THERE) and how I am periodically blinded by homicidal rage towards the upstairs neighbours for, you know, walking around so loudly.

The good news is that Dairy Queen will be opening soon, I have no stretch marks (wait, that first point could be a problem) and I'm totally enjoying feeling this kiddo move around so much. I also appreciate knowing specifically what I need to buy this time around. I have my eye on the Arm's Reach co-sleeper and I'm narrowing down the stroller/car seat combo we need to get. I'm even already checking Craigslist!

I'm also completely looking forward to my upcoming trip to Vancouver in April for the Dolly opening. Which reminds me: Lower Mainland readers - consider yourselves BOOKED for the weekend of April 8th! The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom is opening at the International Village/Tinseltown theatre (downtown) on Friday April 8th and you definitely need to see it!

While we're in promo mode, if you're on Facebook, I'm sure you're already a fan of the Dolly Facebook page. Right? Are we friends or are we friends?

Speaking of Facebook, while you're there becoming a fan of our page, check out this contest that Stéphane made a video for. Click this link, watch the video (it's 30 seconds, you can do it) and hit LIKE. (Where it says "votez pour Stéphane Arbour.") He and I will be forever grateful. Or at least happy for a few minutes.

Alright, time to put this way long post out of its misery. Before winter leaves us completely (don't let the door hit your butt on the way out!), a couple of happy hivernal memories.

Back soon!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Still Kicking

Hellloooo from Preggoville! Land of snacks, naps and ill-fitting pants!

As some of you know, I helped make a movie that is coming out here in Quebec TOMORROW so between gestating new life and tending to the life we already made, my professional life has been off the charts with the BUSY.

Blah, blah, blah, everybody's busy. You're right. So I'll skip all that and just POST SOMETHING already.

I'm going to cheat a little and share a video with you that my adorable and talented husband made last weekend. It stars one Miss Liliane Arbour AND her new fish Dory.

Enjoy! While y'all are watching that, I'll be working on some more posts. Promise :)

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