Monday, 28 March 2011

How Ikea Tried to Kill My Marriage

We survived. Probably because we ate lunch for less than $10.

But we got what we went for - a big girl bed. We decided to go for the not-quite-single-bed-size model which turned out to be perfect.

While Stéphane stayed home to put it together, I took the big girl out to choose bedding. Surprise! It's all about Dora.

Mission accomplished.

So the crib is now on the other side of the room, juuuust out of frame of all these photos. Once we moved a few things around, we were surprised at how well the two beds fit. We also got some super cute under-the-bed storage which took care of a surprising amount of toys.

So.... right. We're going to be putting another baby in that crib.

Wow. Kinda makes it real now that it's all empty and just sitting there. Ready.

It hits me every now and then, like when I'm combing out Liliane's hair after her bath and Stéphane is cleaning up the kitchen, that it's pretty easy just having one. How the heck are we going to add a newborn into the mix? Do I comb hair with one hand? Will the kitchen just always be a mess? Is it too late to change our minds?

Anyway, everything else is fine. I think my husband has almost forgiven me for Sunday. Liliane is good although all about Maman these days.

Parents, any advice on the morph from one to two? Everyone says it's easy but... really?


auntie b said...

wha? who said it was easy? I demand names. THERESAAAAAAA!!!!! I think you are getting bad intel. My advice is to try and talk to people with multiple kids that aren't going to LIE TO YO FACE.

wait did that scare you? I meant having a 2nd kid is easy! I heard they sleep through the night immediately and never cry. They don't even poop! 2nd kids are so awesome!

Vanessa Z. said...

Love the bed and how excited L is! So cute! I love IKEA... but definitely a stressful place. What doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger, right? :o)

Carolee said...

Very cute! The room does look huge! And I love how the night table has a happy face.

Speaking from experience, the second one just adds some nice variety and makes you feel even more like a real family. You'll fall in love with that new little face and it will be wonderful!

Gordon Parks said...

I love Liliane's new room! I've heard having several children is not much different than having one but I guess you guys will see. You can do it! And Liliane being almost 4 will be a great older sister. She'll probably want to help out and she'll step up to her new job as big sis!

Annabelle said...

Yeah? Who said it was easy???
It's not easy, but it's doable, since I'm still here with (almost) all my mind!! The ''plus'' thing is now you have experience and you'll be a lot more easy going... so baby no 2 knows this and is also easy going... Have fun, enjoy the ride, easy or rough, as it only lasts for a bit!!

susan said...

Friend, you have been LIED to!! Whoever said it was easy didn't actually have children did they??

It is wonderful but you'll look back & think WHAT DID I DO WITH ALL MY TIME WHEN I JUST HAD ONE! (and yes, you will YELL it like I just did!! Trust me!)

I will tell you a few things...the space between L & the new babe will be great - Seth & Iz are 3 years apart and I found that easier than Iz & Silas who are 2 years. She will be such a big help!

And my word of advice...which I'd like to preface with saying I LOVE MY THIRD BORN...stop at 2 friend. Stop.At.Two. ;-)


susan said...

And I love the room!! L looks so sweet in her big girl bed!!

And on the Ikea note...I think THAT is what we are having for dinner tonight! Ha!

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