Saturday, 31 January 2009

I Have a Good Excuse!


It's the dang Twilight series! I can't stop! I flew through the first book last Saturday, read the second book this week and am desperately waiting for the third. These are not great works of literature (believe me), but it's such fun to read.

It's weird because I'm not really interested in vampires, or teen romance novels for that matter. But we aren't in Sweet Valley High territory (remember those??)! I have not seen the movie (BTW any preteen girls in the Montreal area need a chaperone? Call me.) although I am tempted to go. Even though it's Oscar movie season I'm STILL tempted to go.
Such is the hold that Edward and Bella have on me and my free time.
No, I'll wait for the DVD which is coming out March 21st. Not that I checked or anything.


Anyway, all this to say that I have a bunch of pictures to post and I'll try to get those up soon.
To tide you over, here is my current favorite.
À bientôt!

Friday, 23 January 2009

Dolly Parton, Gotta LOVE Her

Hey y'all.

So I don't really talk about my professional life here on my "All Liliane All the Time" blog, but I would like to let you all know about one of the projects we are working on right now. It's a movie called "The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom" and Dolly herself has approved it all and has even agreed to help us out with her music and whatever else we need. Super cool.

Anyway, I set up a blog so that the writer/director of the film could write about her first feature film experience. We are in the process of financing right now and if all goes well, we'll shoot at the end of summer. The goal is to update the blog at least once a week with all the juicy bits and pieces as they fall into place. Or something like that.

If you've always wondered what it's like to make a movie, add us to your blog list! We also have a Facebook Fan Page so if I haven't already sent you an invite, just email me and I will.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Forgot a Few + Obama Rocks

What a way to start the new year! Good job USA, you really kicked 2009 off with a hopeful, optimistic BANG by electing Barack Obama and putting on a big ol' patriotic party today. I watched the inaugural speech live on the CBC website (way to go public broadcasting!) just so I could tell my grandkids that I saw it. Wow.

So, speaking of the new year, I have a few photos still kicking around from the end of LAST year. I know, Christmas is so 2008, but this IS a Mama blog and posting photos of Liliane is kind of my whole raison d'être. In blog terms anyway.

We saved a present for Liliane to open on Boxing Day. We bought her this Little People farm back in September for her birthday, but ended up keeping it for Christmas.

She looks concerned, but actually she's having fun. Really.

I take my farm seriously. Very seriously.

On Dec. 27th she got some MORE great stuff from her godmother/aunt/uncle/cousin who came in to visit for the day. Among her gifts was this super cool big wheels/future tricycle that she loves to be pushed around on. Not so clear on the whole concept of pedals yet, but we'll keep working on it.

I can't remember when I took these... Our Christmas holiday is one big blur of pajamas and cocooning and eating and visiting. Liliane has shown a keen interest in the broom and dust pan which is something we are encouraging.

Do you think it's too early to show her how to load the dishwasher?

Random winter wear fashion show photos. She seriously grabs this stuff and puts it on her head and gets me to put the mittens on.
Maybe I just need to turn the heat up.

Perfecting the blue steel.

Oh yeah, and somewhere in there it was New Year's! We had Jean-Michel and Laurence over for a multi-course meal, then toasted 2009 with champagne at midnight.
Good food, dear friends, a little bubbly - a perfect evening. Merci mes amis!

I think it was the Saturday before going back to work when we decided that it was time to get Liliane's hair trimmed. We took her to a salon in our neighborhood that has a special section just for kids.

Antonio, her stylist, promised to trim of the old, dry baby hair but not make her look like a boy.

I look FABULOUS darling!

She had a little crush on Antonio I think.

Oh, speaking of kisses, Liliane has just started bestowing them on us. It started with her stuffed animals, then we convinced her that we deserved a peck or two. I caught her in action giving a bisou to Baby:
Just when I thought she couldn't be any more loveable. Sigh.
Well, this entry may be a little slapdash, but it's done. I'm going back to the news now to watch more of the inauguration highlights.
I'll write more soon about my work blog and whatever else is going on. What else IS going on? I'll think about that tomorrow...

Thursday, 15 January 2009

I'm Still Here! (Is it 2009 Already?)

A quick post from WORK (gasp!) just to say that life has been flying by since Christmas.  Literally.  We just got back from a whirlwind Happy New Year/Happy Birthday Jaime trip to B.C., Liliane's at a new daycare for the next two months and I will be telling you all about a new blog that we started up at work.  I don't really talk about work much on here, but I've got some cool stuff to share!    

PLUS, I have about 11,3856 photos of Liliane's first haircut...

So keep checking back!   
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