Friday, 31 October 2008

Happy Halloween!

Running late! More tonight!
Have a SPOOKtacular Halloween!

Saturday, 25 October 2008


Dough from a neighbourhood pizzaria: $3.50

Fresh mozzarella, basil, mushrooms and onion: $15

Can of San Marzano tomatoes from Italy: $3.50

Getting an in-person lesson from your brother and SIL on how to make the best pizza EVER:

We were too chicken to use their recently posted cast iron skillet method (that we did when they were here last weekend to instruct and supervise) but I used my pizza stone and it was still darn tasty.
Did you say pizza??

I stuff it in my mouth like THIS!

Delayed reaction to last week's vaccines last night... Our already stuffy/coughy baby added "vomity" to the list at 4AM. Blech. The nurse warned us that one of the three shots she had could cause a reaction 5 to 8 days later. Ta da! Right on schedule. She seems fine now, in the middle of a nice long nap. Sheets and blankets already in the dryer.
You know you've really ARRIVED as a parent when you're rinsing barf in the middle of the night and noticing what was not really digested from dinner. Hmmm, ham, but not well chewed. I'll have to watch that. Why is everything pinky/purple? Ah, blueberries. There goes one now!
Rainy and cold here today. Liliane off to her grandparent's tonight to sleepover while we get to go to our friend Laurence's birthday dinner. Husband hovering because he needs to get back to editing. Did manage to make a batch of pumpkin muffins last night which are DE-licious. My Mom made them for me around this time last year and they got me through many an exhausting day and night with a newborn...
Speaking of exhausting, anyone have any cough remedy ideas for 1-year olds? Please let me know!

Monday, 20 October 2008

The Pah-tay

On Sunday afternoon we had Liliane's 1st Birthday party!

Party outfit courtesy of her Uncle Pierre and Auntie Debbie - baptism gift.

Winning the prize for farthest-travelling guest, my brother Matthew and SIL Bari! They came up Friday night and stayed with us to make sure that we did this party RIGHT.

Auntie Bari is my special guest photographer for this post as most of these photos are hers. Except this one:

Let's start with the food shall we?

The cupcakes are from Itsi-Bitsi (same ones we got for her baptism and incidentally the same ones I had for my shower way back when)

Those little lemon ones were delish. My mouth is actually watering as I type this and I've already eaten two of them today.

Bari came up with the idea of having tea sandwiches along with our sweets so I dug out some cookie cutters, actually bought some white bread and we threw it all together on Sunday morning.

Matthew made egg salad:

And a superb chicken salad:

And I came up with these cucumber ones for people who maybe don't like mayonnaise as much as we do...

We also had party hats:

And babies!

Isabelle with cutie Viggo (Liliane had to get in for a little cuddle) .

And our swimming partner, Rose! (With Mummy Julie)

Here are some of our non-diaper-wearing guests:

Liliane was a total pro when it came to demolishing her birthday cupcake since she already had a practice run on Thursday...

And even better when it was time for presents. She was totally into the cards! Plus it helps that her new word is "Wow!" Makes for a pretty impressive reaction.

She got some really really lovely gifts. I will be posting pictures of her wearing/playing with her new stuff over the next little while. Thank you all so much!

This one is from Maman and Papa. I got it for her, anti-stuffed-animal policy aside, because it is so super soft and bigger than she is. I knew she would like it.

After it was all over we came home and had a video chat with my family in Vancouver:

Then Uncle Matthew gave Liliane some goodbye zerberts:

We are all partied, ballooned, celebrated and cupcaked out over here. But in a good way. We had a great afternoon with our dear friends and family and cannot say enough how we appreciate all the help and encouragement we have received this last year.

And now to rest up a little until the papararzzi comes out again for Halloween... Ouf.
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