Monday, 13 October 2008

Happy Thanksgiving! (Plus Fun With Salt and Vinegar)

We were having lunch today, la la la, and Liliane politely asked for one of my rice cakes.

They look a lot like the plain rice cakes she usually has. Of course, they aren't.

Thanks Maman!

(I can't even caption this one, I'm still laughing too hard.)

Well, maybe it's not so terrible.

Heck, no one calls me a quitter!

(Again with the laughing. I know, it's terrible.)

Well, if I breathe through my nose, it's not so bad.

Oh no, it's bad, it's BAD!

Hmmm... How can I possibly thank my mother for this wonderful rice cake experience?

Oh I got a good idea.

I'm going to start working on it right now...

Smell? What smell?

And that was for my Mom - Happy Thanksgiving! Wish you were here!

Speaking of Thanksgiving, we had our feast today and it was DE-lish. Our friends Deb and Doug came in from Ottawa and Pierre and Ariel were here as well.

Liliane was sporting her new Thanksgiving bib:

Here is my plate:

Turkey and gravy, my Grandma's stuffing, lousy cranberry sauce (really not hard to make but I managed to wreck it somehow. Oh well, still tasted good, just a little runny), roasted brussel sprouts and a wild rice and corn recipe that I got from the Pioneer Woman website last week. Also Pierre brought a green been, potato and pesto salad which was divine.

Dancing around in the kitchen after dinner.

Liliane is a little obsessed with a lamp that we have in our office. I should have taken a picture of it but you can kind of see the glow on her face. It's orange and it's pretty and we don't turn it on very often. Every time she caught a glimpse of it, she was mesmerized.

After dinner we were all in various stages of turkey coma so we sat around in the living room and watched Liliane play with Pierre's cell phone. Better than TV!

We had a little pumpkin pie and whipped cream for dessert and that was Thanksgiving for this year. I'm still stuffed.
Last night we actually had another feast with Stéphane's family. I didn't take any photos because Liliane was sleepy and cranky so I always had my hands full. She got birthday presents from her godmother Nathalie since they won't be coming to her party next week. It's funny how she didn't need much prompting to tear off the wrapping paper! They also got her a helium balloon and let me tell you, she is crazy about that thing. I don't know what we'll do when it starts to come down.
I think our babe is in teething mode again (lots of weird waking up at night) so I'm hoping the worst will be over before her big birthday weekend!
I just realized that I forgot to ask everyone what they are thankful for at the table today! I'm thankful for my husband and my healthy, happy baby. I'm thankful for my fulfilling, closeby job. I'm thankful for the love of our friends and family, never more so than since we've become parents. I could go on and on but if I want to continue having a grateful spirit, I need to get to get some sleep!
Hope you all had a chance to think about what you're thankful for this weekend.
Next up: Liliane turns ONE!
And don't forget to vote tomorrow Canadians!


Mom said...
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maguiresaunt said...
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maguiresaunt said...

AWESOME face pics!! So funny!

auntie B said...

Her hair is so long! and side bangs, very fashionable. Cant wait to see you guys this weekend!

Shawna said...

Love those faces -- Looks like such a great dinner! Happy Thanksgiving!

Sorry I didn't get those recipes to it too late or do you still want them...if it's a yes, I'll send them over to you asap ;)

Theresa said...

Sorry Mom, I somehow deleted both your comments!

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