Sunday, 29 May 2011

Tiny Bubbles

This week has been RAIN RAIN RAIN, COLD RAIN and WIND and then... THIS!

Our friends Manon and Luana came over yesterday and we hung out in our urban backyard a.k.a., the back alley.
I know, it sounds ghetto. But look! It's really nice back here!

And it comes complete with polite, funloving neighbour kids!

L, foufling the bubbles. (To blow in French is "souffler" but L says "fouffler" which cracks me up every time. I don't even correct her. She may be the only high schooler with a speech impediment but man will she kill at parties!)

Time for corde à danser. Yeah, in English it's jump rope or skipping. In French it's dancing. They must have been starved for good moves when they came up with that one.

Mohammed's turn. He did pretty well. That's Miriam on the left, she came to join us.

It must be said that Luana is a dancing QUEEN. She was leaping and spinning in the air and generally amazing the heck out of us.

Liliane not so much. No photos because I was busy turning the rope for her but she could usually get the first jump.

Looks like we're back to rain and general gloom today but on the up side it's been good for my plants!

Off to see Kung Fu Panda. Not sure but Stéphane may be more excited about this than Liliane. I'll let you know how it goes.

All good on the bébé II front. Lots of movement. Lots of ice cream and a renewed need for raspberries.

Air conditioner coming next Friday! I may have sold Liliane off to the highest bidder in order to pay for it but I figure that will be one less person to have to keep cool.


Happy Sunday!

Monday, 23 May 2011

Ring My Bell

A lot of firsts this May long weekend.

First time we hung out at our local fire station.

Come to think of it, first community BBQ!

Some of Villeray's finest. I'm sure their firefighting skills are not too bad either.

First blossom sighting. This tree is on our street.

Liliane had her first waterfight with the kids in the neighbourhood! Isn't that cool? She made a new friend in an adorable 6 year old girl who lives across our back lane whose Mama is not only anglophone but she and her francophone husband lived for 8 years in.... Surrey, B.C.!

Turns out there are a bunch of really sweet kids on our street who hang out in the back lane so she spent Saturday afternoon running around with them (under Papa's watchful eye of course). It did my heart good.

For the first time EVER I actually got flowers planted on the May long weekend! We (along with the rest of the ENTIRE CITY) hit Jean-Talon market on Saturday afternoon and I picked up some pansies....

And a wee herb garden! There is parsley, two kinds of basil, lemon thyme (man I love the smell), oregano and sage. That other pot is Rue, an anti-cat/anti-squirrel plant.

The beginning of urban paradise!

Not pictured: our first trip with two kids to the park! We took care of our friends' 3-month old baby all day Sunday so we tried out our new stroller. You know what? Not a problem! He fell asleep on the way and snoozed all the way through our picnic. Plus he doesn't walk yet so HELLO. So EASY.

Call me naive, but I felt pretty good about it.

I wish I could say that this weekend was our first visit to Dairy Queen but HA! My readers know that's not true. All I can say is THANK YOU LORD for the Mini Blizzard.

Speaking of thankful, I saw an osteopath this week. My painful pelvic issues were DEALT WITH. As gentle as it was effective, my treatment lasted about 45 minutes and it was awesome. This particular osteopath is a pregnancy specialist and he also does a pre-birth treatment to make sure your body is ready for labour. Cool, right?

Oh and he also treats babies! Sounds weird? I know. But think about it - birth is as big event for them as it is for the mother. All that squeezing and pressure and trauma of coming into the world. Like the worst sports injury EVER. If anyone could use an adjustment, it's a newborn, am I right?

Project Air Conditioner is coming along nicely. Consequently, so is my marriage :) I should have news on that soon.

Hope y'all had a great long weekend!

Friday, 20 May 2011

Around Here, Lately

Morning breakfast on the counter. The child knocks over her juice glass, of course. I overreact maybe just a little, mostly because I KNEW THAT WAS COMING.

Me: (cleaning counter/cupboards/floor, furiously) No more juice in a cup! Ever! EVER!

L: *silent*

Me: *various grumbling and pregnancy-related-bending pain*

L: (quietly, respectfully) C'est pas grave, Maman. (It's not a big deal, Maman).

Me: (guilty) You're right, c'est pas le fin du monde. (it's not the end of the world).

I give her a hug and she puts her hands on each side of my face.

L: C'est le fin de TOI! (It's the end of YOU!)

Hit the nail right on the head, kid.


Bedtime. Story is done, prayers are done, time for kisses and hugs.

L: Un gros câlin Maman! (A big hug Maman!)

T: *big hug*

L: say "mmmmmm"!

T: *big hug, this time growling mmmm in her ear*

L: Ca sent les cheveux à Maman. (Smells like Maman's hair)

T: What does my hair smell like?

L: C'est bon, like Maman!

I think that's a good thing.

And then the obligatory sign off:

T: I love you!

L: I love you! Je t'aime!

T: Je t'aime! Bonne nuit!

L: Bonne nuit! Good night!

In that order. Otherwise we start over.


Have a great long weekend!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Spring... So Far

Wow, this lack of regular posting means a lot of catching up. I'll be brief. Ish. Brief-ish.

The bump! Please do not be concerned by the freakish appearance of my left hand. I have no idea what is happening to my once-photogenic self.

The Playoffs. We're now rooting for Vancouver in case you were wondering.

Easter, oh Easter. Beautiful celebration of spring, redemption, hope and SUGAR.
Chocolate pudding cookies with mini eggs, adapted from this recipe.

My dear friend Manon invited us over on rainy Easter Saturday for brunch and backyard Easter egg hunt!
The Easter bunny thoughtfully packaged treats in ziploc bags due to inclement weather.

It was awesome.

Inside we feasted on wafffles, amazing baked ham and CAAANNDY!

That is not made out of chocolate, get it away from me.

What better activity for jittery sugar-jacked pre-schoolers than egg painting?
It was pretty rad actually.

Not pictured: Excellent Sunday morning service and Easter treat hunting at our house that Liliane is STILL talking about. Stéphane nixed my idea of putting out lettuce scraps and raisins as evidence of the Easter bunny's visit. But it was still thrilling. The lapin put chocolate in my CUISINE! Yeah, we're all about the Frenglish in our house these days.

In other news... Bébé II is growing and wriggling and forcing me to eat a lot of ice cream. Which is fine since I'm not diabetic this time. My father introduced me to Chapman's sugarless ice cream in case of emergency so even if I do end up with diabetes, it's all good. Priorities, people.

We bought a stroller! After much research to determine what we wanted to get, I found a used one for at least half the price and although it was a 45-minute trek out to the burbs to get it, we LOVE IT. The car seat adapter came with it as well so we can use it right off the top. We've taken it out for a few test rides and Liliane loves her little seat in the back. I love that we will have a way of getting around with TWO KIDS (!) that doesn't involve a lot of back pain or money spent. WIN.

My new obsession is air conditioning. We have everything we need to have a mural air conditioner,we're just missing the actual unit and the intelligence to install it. Oh, and the budget to do that. Details! We WILL have air conditioning, mark my words. I'lll keep you posted.

It's a very rainy weekend here in Montréal. My saintly husband took L to the movies and just called to ask if they had to rush back. HECK NO. Stay all day! I'll be here, putting our stuff on eBay.
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