Monday, 23 May 2011

Ring My Bell

A lot of firsts this May long weekend.

First time we hung out at our local fire station.

Come to think of it, first community BBQ!

Some of Villeray's finest. I'm sure their firefighting skills are not too bad either.

First blossom sighting. This tree is on our street.

Liliane had her first waterfight with the kids in the neighbourhood! Isn't that cool? She made a new friend in an adorable 6 year old girl who lives across our back lane whose Mama is not only anglophone but she and her francophone husband lived for 8 years in.... Surrey, B.C.!

Turns out there are a bunch of really sweet kids on our street who hang out in the back lane so she spent Saturday afternoon running around with them (under Papa's watchful eye of course). It did my heart good.

For the first time EVER I actually got flowers planted on the May long weekend! We (along with the rest of the ENTIRE CITY) hit Jean-Talon market on Saturday afternoon and I picked up some pansies....

And a wee herb garden! There is parsley, two kinds of basil, lemon thyme (man I love the smell), oregano and sage. That other pot is Rue, an anti-cat/anti-squirrel plant.

The beginning of urban paradise!

Not pictured: our first trip with two kids to the park! We took care of our friends' 3-month old baby all day Sunday so we tried out our new stroller. You know what? Not a problem! He fell asleep on the way and snoozed all the way through our picnic. Plus he doesn't walk yet so HELLO. So EASY.

Call me naive, but I felt pretty good about it.

I wish I could say that this weekend was our first visit to Dairy Queen but HA! My readers know that's not true. All I can say is THANK YOU LORD for the Mini Blizzard.

Speaking of thankful, I saw an osteopath this week. My painful pelvic issues were DEALT WITH. As gentle as it was effective, my treatment lasted about 45 minutes and it was awesome. This particular osteopath is a pregnancy specialist and he also does a pre-birth treatment to make sure your body is ready for labour. Cool, right?

Oh and he also treats babies! Sounds weird? I know. But think about it - birth is as big event for them as it is for the mother. All that squeezing and pressure and trauma of coming into the world. Like the worst sports injury EVER. If anyone could use an adjustment, it's a newborn, am I right?

Project Air Conditioner is coming along nicely. Consequently, so is my marriage :) I should have news on that soon.

Hope y'all had a great long weekend!


Carolee said...

LOVE the second pic!! And the fourth one, a little bit :-) So nice that L gets to be part of the neighbourhood gang and she looks so cute on her tricycle! And your back patio looks really great. I look forward to cooking with some of that stuff when I'm there - maybe even the herbs!

auntie B said...

yay! it almost looks like summer up in there! wish we could visit. I love your planting. it was 50 degrees here today and asher wore his winter coat this weekend but im hoping it clears up enough for me to do something in the yard this week. very inspiring!! Liliane is looking awfully cute these days, i love her hair long. so pretty.

Maguiresaunt said...

That pic of the blossoming tree is beautiful!

Jaime said...

So, next time I visit, can we go visit the attractive firemen? I mean....I want to see you...and Montreal...and things like that....!

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