Saturday, 14 May 2011

Spring... So Far

Wow, this lack of regular posting means a lot of catching up. I'll be brief. Ish. Brief-ish.

The bump! Please do not be concerned by the freakish appearance of my left hand. I have no idea what is happening to my once-photogenic self.

The Playoffs. We're now rooting for Vancouver in case you were wondering.

Easter, oh Easter. Beautiful celebration of spring, redemption, hope and SUGAR.
Chocolate pudding cookies with mini eggs, adapted from this recipe.

My dear friend Manon invited us over on rainy Easter Saturday for brunch and backyard Easter egg hunt!
The Easter bunny thoughtfully packaged treats in ziploc bags due to inclement weather.

It was awesome.

Inside we feasted on wafffles, amazing baked ham and CAAANNDY!

That is not made out of chocolate, get it away from me.

What better activity for jittery sugar-jacked pre-schoolers than egg painting?
It was pretty rad actually.

Not pictured: Excellent Sunday morning service and Easter treat hunting at our house that Liliane is STILL talking about. Stéphane nixed my idea of putting out lettuce scraps and raisins as evidence of the Easter bunny's visit. But it was still thrilling. The lapin put chocolate in my CUISINE! Yeah, we're all about the Frenglish in our house these days.

In other news... Bébé II is growing and wriggling and forcing me to eat a lot of ice cream. Which is fine since I'm not diabetic this time. My father introduced me to Chapman's sugarless ice cream in case of emergency so even if I do end up with diabetes, it's all good. Priorities, people.

We bought a stroller! After much research to determine what we wanted to get, I found a used one for at least half the price and although it was a 45-minute trek out to the burbs to get it, we LOVE IT. The car seat adapter came with it as well so we can use it right off the top. We've taken it out for a few test rides and Liliane loves her little seat in the back. I love that we will have a way of getting around with TWO KIDS (!) that doesn't involve a lot of back pain or money spent. WIN.

My new obsession is air conditioning. We have everything we need to have a mural air conditioner,we're just missing the actual unit and the intelligence to install it. Oh, and the budget to do that. Details! We WILL have air conditioning, mark my words. I'lll keep you posted.

It's a very rainy weekend here in Montréal. My saintly husband took L to the movies and just called to ask if they had to rush back. HECK NO. Stay all day! I'll be here, putting our stuff on eBay.

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Jennifer said...

yay! u blogged! Um...seriously though, whats up with your hand???

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