Friday, 30 November 2012


Time again for the annual St. Hubert Street Christmas Parade! At night!  When it's cold!

Like last year, we were joined by our partners in crime, Manon and Luana.   

I love this picture because everyone is smiling and happy except MY TWO KIDS. Yay! And the parade hasn't even started!

As soon as the lights started coming our way, things looked up.


I was told there would be elves.

Santa came but he wasn't very well lit so no photos.  

And to finish it all off, an old bus!  How festive!

It was great fun but I was glad to have a warm car to get home in because BRRRR.

Today I put up a few decorations so that when we got home, the Christmas fun would continue.  You know what's awesome?  Introducing the new kid to all the holiday tchotkes.  
A snowman and a dog that SING?? *mindblown*
And that, dear reader(s) concludes my month of daily blogging.  As always, thank you so much for reading.  Even when it's crap.

I'll really try not to drop the ball in December but just in case, Merry Christmas!  And Happy New Year!  And Happy Valentine's Day!  

Just kidding.  

I can't quit you, blog.  

Now go forth and enjoy the next few weeks!  I plan to.  Pinterest be darned.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

My Top Ten

In case you were wondering, we all got good sleep last night.  Nobody woke up, nobody woke anybody else up, Liliane didn't fall off the top bunk, all is calm, all is bright.


On to Christmas movies.  While attempting to stretch my triceps at the end of a particularly energetic cardio class, I was watching one of the bundled up babies trying to crawl.  The poor kid's flailing inspired me to crack a joke to one of my Mama friends:  "I can't get up! I can't get up!" à la A Christmas Story.  She just looked at me, brows a-furrowed.  I tried again: "You know, the Red Ryder BB gun? Ralphie? You'll shoot your eye out?"  Nope, no idea.

This embarassing moment experience inspired me to share some of my favourite Christmas movies with you, dear reader(s).  Just in case some of you people don't know what you're missing.

Also, it will help you get my lame jokes.

1. It's A Wonderful Life
I look forward to watching this every year.  As soon as I hear the opening strains of a Christmassy Buffalo Gals Woncha Come Out Tonight, a cozy comfort settles on my shoulders like a warm sweater.  Or a steaming glass of rum punch.  My all-time #1.

2. Scrooge
I fly my cheeseball flag with pride when I tell you that this is my favourite telling of the Dickens classic.  It's a MUSICAL.  With ALBERT FINNEY. Enough said.  Herewith is December the 25th, a song that will never leave your brain.  You're welcome.

3. A Christmas Story
When they wake up on Christmas morning and open their eyes? That's exactly what Christmas morning felt like to me in the days before coffee was more exciting than Santa.  Also, "And all was right with the world."  Yes, EXACTLY. 

4. Miracle on 34th St
I like the new version almost as much but there is something special about the black and white.

5. White Christmas
Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary frickin' Clooney.  And a great story with war heroes and dancing and a bunch of songs you already know.  The penultimate classic.

6. Love Actually
My favourite scene from this movie.  One of my favourite scenes of all time in any movie.  And not just because that actor goes on to play a tortured hero in Walking Dead.  Although that helps.

7. The Grinch
We used to get our Christmas tree with my Dad on Friday night and get home in time to watch The Grinch on CBC. Back when Christmas specials aired in December.

TRIVIA ALERT: Boris Karloff did the narration but not the singing.  Recognize the voice?  He is also  Tony the Tiger.  They're GREEEEAT! 

8. Snall One / Mickey's Christmas Carol
OK so it's actually called Small One but even last year Liliane was calling it Snall One.  We watched it about 79863567 times.  It's sweet, although good luck explaining what a tanner does to a 4 year old.

Snall One is on the DVD with Mickey's Christmas Carol.  Where Tiny Tim still dies in one scenario.  Awkward.

9. Charlie Brown
Linus totally nails it.  Still brilliant.  Also one of our favourite soundtracks around here.  Stéphane can be heard singing this semi-regularly.

10. Die Hard
I know, I know.  But I am an action movie girl at heart and this is the original, the all-time best.  Bruce Willis, Bonnie Bedelia (who we currently adore in Parenthood) and ALAN RICKMAN.  Love love love.  Merry Christmas to me!

Special Mention: Scrooged
Stéphane's favourite Christmas movie.  And really, what's not to love.

BONUS: while I was searching for The Grinch, I found THIS:

What in the WHAT? I had no idea this even existed.  Liliane is currently a-sceered of the Grinch (after watching it about 27 times already this year) so I will for surely not show her this.  Although the Grinch/Halloween combo would make her little head explode with excitement.  Maybe in a year or two.  Or five.

I found a few more lists while I was looking around.  In case you need more ideas:

And NO, I didn't forget Christmas Vacation.  While my husband and my MOTHER find this one hilarious, it's not my favourite.   Christmas disasters just give me the sad feeling. Don't even talk to me about Bad Santa.

So there you have it!  

Any favourites that I missed?  What is on your must-see holiday viewing list?

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Fingers Crossed

This is what I did today!  Solo trip to Ikea to buy all the bed stuff.  Mattresses, flat sheets, pillow for Liliane, baby pillow for Alice, duvet, duvet cover, pillowcase and nightlight.

I went with hearts. We need a rest from characters.  

 You know Liliane, she always has such trouble expressing herself.  I think she was happy?

And even though she is staying in her crib for now, this little monkey was chuffed to climb on the bottom bunk and roll around.  All by her onesie.

Liliane's mood was contagious.  She was so excited to go to bed and isn't that what every parent wants to hear? 

 Shortly after this photo, this one clanged her head on the railings.  Nothing serious and it was good to get the first new-bed-related-injury out of the way.  Honestly I thought she would take a dive off the side first, but that kid enjoys being unpredictable.

As I type this (10:30 PM EST) all is quiet.  Alice was still awake (new lights! what is this music? why is everyone so excited?) when Liliane went to bed so it was... interesting.

But I'm not even going to worry about it.  They'll get used to it and I think eventually enjoy having the other one closeby.  His eye is on the sparrow, remember?

PS - it totally snowed today.  It didn't really stick per se, but BOOYAH! The Piercy Arbour girls were ready!  Not so much willing on day 2 of snow gear, but they were ready!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Snow. Angels.

Technically it's not snowing today (at all) but it sure is chilly.  Liliane actually ASKED ME if she could wear her snowpants today because she was cold at the park yesterday.  COLD.  LILIANE WAS COLD.   I don't think you realize what a big deal this is.  My crazy anti-winter-gear-tantrum-throwing baby is growing up!  And it helped that all the other kids in her group had their pants.  Peer pressure FTW!

Once I picked myself up from the floor where I had fainted from shock, I quietly said "why, what a good idea, oh reasonable and intelligent child" and got her snowpants out of the closet.   They still fit (YAY) and also I dug out Liliane's old suit for Alice.  Which is too big but hooray for hand-me-downs!

This is tomorrow's forecast so I'm feeling pretty smug about being all prepared and everything.  

Alice was amenable to the whole new suit thing as long as she could still toddle around and play with shoes. 

We really should buy that child some toys.

Practicing their snow angel moves.

Awesome.  One less part of the floor to clean up.  Buff and shine girls, buff and shine!

 So easy.  Who saw THAT coming? 

Monday, 26 November 2012

Cough Syrup is for Sissies

I'm at that fuzzy-headed, coughing and sniffling stage of my cold.  Not bad enough to actually lie down, but I'm feeling a little, um, lazy?  I bet you didn't you know that the best remedy for that is eating leftover cupakes organizing your Christmas music.  

This is my Christmas movie and DVD box.  It has only taken me 20 years to remember to pack this in an accessible location so that when November rolls around, I have all my tunes at my fingertips.

Well, imagine my concern when I was hunting around for some Muppets music on my iTunes library that I discovered a hole in my collection.   Turns out that not all my CDs are on the computer.  Due to this emergency situation I was obligated to eat another cupcake drop my work and fix this problem.

In my defense I did some writing and I did send out a flurry of emails this morning and I'm stuck until I get answers so I didn't just *drop* my work (Hi Dad/boss!  Employee of the month in the bag, right?) it was more of a "I'll finish this tomorrow" maneuver.  (Procrastinators Anonymous? Can I come to the meeting tomorrow instead of today?)

ANYWAY. You'll be relieved to know that the great Christmas music disaster of 2012 has been averted.

In no particular order, here are some of my favourites.  Heavy on the cheese but that's how I roll.

Sarah Mclachlan - Song for a Winter's Night
So bittersweet and beautiful.

Harry Connick, Jr - Must Have Been Ol' Santa!
Shameless happy holiday romp.  Harry can do no wrong as far as I'm concerned.

The Canadian Tenors - Silent Night

Julie Andrews - It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
Although frankly Julie Andrews could sing Baby Got Back and I would cherish it.

Bing Crosby - Mele Kalikimaka
The BEST. Man, I love those crooners.

Frank Sinatra - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
See above.

KT Tunstall - Fairytale of New York
I seriously think this is my favourite Christmas song.

I have a total weakness for olde-tyme English/Irish carols.  All those weird ones you've never heard of?  I probably have them on CD.  My friend Deb however wisely stopped me from buying Sting's Christmas CD on the weekend.  It had a song on it called The Burning Babe that could not possibly end well.

The Chieftans - The Wexford Carol

Martha Wainwright - Rebel Jesus
I love the image of a Rebel Jesus.  Also calling us out on our habit to be nice to people only at Christmastime. Why do we do that?

Mormon Tabernacle Choir - Carol of the Bells
I said it last year, I will say it again.  These Mormons can SING.

OK so there are many, many more but in the interest of, you know, having a life, I will leave it at that.

Update on sleep: Liliane did not wake us up last night.  She turned her music on all by herself.  IT'S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE, READERS.  Even Alice didn't make a peep until 8:30 this morning.


Isn't it nice when you realize that your child CAN learn how to do something?  That maybe they were actually listening?  It only takes approximately 983682 repetitions, but it's possible!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Family That Coughs Together...

...Hangs out together.  Alone.  

Yep, we are all four officially sick with colds.  Nothing serious but there is more sneezing and hacking and crusty red noses around here than your average Kleenex commercial.

So we stayed home from church but did manage to accomplish this:
The building of the bunkbeds!  

Liliane has been sleeping on the pullout bed in the living room for about six months now (?) mainly because her toddler bed was just too small.  It's definitely time for her to get back her room and she is super excited about sleeping on the top bunk.  Like a princess.  

OK, whatever.

Yes, there are no mattresses.  We don't believe in a lot of luxury around here.


Ikea was out of them when we bought the beds last week.  I now have to go back and spend more money on the mattresses and bedding than the bed itself.  Naturally.  

But it's all very exciting.  Alice will eventually sleep on the bottom bunk (which is conveniently not too high off the ground) so we gave the toddler bed away.   

I would be lying if I said I wasn't just a little concerned about Liliane transitioning back into her room. Particularly the part where she SHARES that room.  She needs a light on, Alice does not.  Liliane has her sleepy music, Alice has different sleepy music. Liliane has a habit (that we are currently trying to break) of calling out to us in the night, Alice has a habit of waking up when she hears her sister yelling.  

But you know what?  I'm not going to worry about it.  I've turned that over to the Big Guy Upstairs.  His eye is on the sparrow, I know He watches me.  I love that song (particularly my friend Jonathan's version of it - hi Jonathan! Really miss your singing!)

This is the great Mahalia Jackson version.  I just got all weepy listening to it, but that could be the Nyquil talking.  What a great promise!

ANYWAY, I'll let you know how how the new bed situation goes.  If I can stop sneezing long enough to type. 

Also, I made these cupcakes today for our friend Pierre's belated birthday.  Our DEAR friend Pierre who came over to help construct the beds because oh my, one man cannot build those alone.  Especially when the man's wife must wrangle the children.   The cupcakes were divine.   Alice spent most of the evening making googly eyes at Pierre.  He's a total babe-y magnet.  

Off to get more kleenex.  Wishing you all more sleep than we will surely get.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

The Year Jack Frost Stole Christmas

So I was at the big mall today with my dear friend Deb on our annual Christmas shopping/lunching/laughing excursion and we turned the corner to find this:

A freezing and hostile winter setting for... Santa!

With those awesome ice rain lights cheerily blinking climate doom from above.  Enjoy the snow, but drippy icicles and slippery sidewalks are just around the corner!  

Not sure why the buck is now the height of Christmas decor.  This one has accessorized with a festive, spiky necklace.

Blue.  Blue and silver.  Brrrr.

I didn't get a picture but Santa is sitting just offscreen, fortunately dressed in traditional red.  

I'm not sure but I think he was wearing earmuffs due to the extreme CHILL coming from his ultra-welcoming holiday wonderland.

No other woodland creatures hanging around either.  I'm sure they were all huddled in their burrows, freezing.  

Hey!  One month today until Christmas Eve!  You'll be happy to hear that my panic has abated thanks to some cool stuff I found today and a newfound resolve to keep things simple.  

So....  When do we start baking?

Friday, 23 November 2012

The Fine Print

I never thought that these two would spend a good 45 minutes playing with...
 magnifying glasses.

Eureka! Elementary my dear Watson! Etc.

Then Liliane and I started taking these goofy photos and we laughed so hard my sides still hurt.

 Alice had already moved on to more serious business - the emptying of the drawer.  Next step: teaching her how to put all that stuff BACK.

I am totally returning all those toys we got them for Christmas.

In other news...  I got our winter tires today!  Our dealership had the best deal and I was happy to hang out there because they have a fancy waiting area with a big TV and free wireless.  Oh and the bathrooms are really really clean.  Yes, I am turning into my grandmother, thanks for asking!

While I was tucking into my take-out oatmeal from McDonalds, Simon stopped by to say hi.  Simon is the young man who sold us our beloved Lady Elantra back in March.  Picture a very polite thirteen year old in a suit.  That's Simon.

We ended up chatting for a bit and somehow got on to the subject of the world ending on December 21st.  This is of great concern to Simon who believes quite sincerely that the Mayans got it right and the end is near.  He gave me a comprehensive list of reasons, not the least compelling of which was that all the world's governments are in on it, that's why they are all bankrupt.  Okkkaaaayyy.  And this guy is young!  In his late twenties, showing no signs of mental imbalance.  I guess you never know.

Despite my general anxiety about end-of-the-world scenarios, I am not buying into this one.  Especially after I did about 2 minutes of research and found many articles debunking the whole thing, including the folks at NASA.  Anyway, as I told Simon, I believe in capital G God and since he's in charge, I'm just not going to worry about it.

Although I did go crazy and buy four pairs of socks later that afternoon because hey!  Live each day like it's your last, right?  Woot!

Anyone else concerned about the world ending next month?  I don't know,  the idea of perusing "Holiday Decorating Ideas" boards on Pinterest gives me more stress than the impending apocalypse.  But that's just me. 

Thursday, 22 November 2012


Anyone else starting to freak out about Christmas? No, just me?

I'm in that frame of mind where I can't seem to sit still long enough to make the lists I need to make.  Although now that I am actually writing this down, I feel that it's probably just lack of sleep talking.  You know that feeling?  Anyone?

The other day I clicked on this website (as I do frequently) and found a great article with all kinds of tips and recipes to help get organized for the holidays.  On a day (like today, oui) where I'm a little tired, it's overwhelming.  But generally I find these kinds of things helpful.

I've mentioned Aimée before, she's a fellow Vancouver girl who married a Quebecois and they live in the suburbs with their adorable family.   She is one of the editors of Simple Bites and it's a great resource.  I love it.

I know, you're laughing at me because, hey!  Slow down crazypants, it's only November 22nd!  But I'm telling you, time flies by.  As soon as you hit December 1, it's only a blink of an eye before BAM!  It's Christmas Eve.

Anyway, I think that before I can make any lists, I need to spend a little time reflecting on the season and allow my priorities to float to the surface.  MY priorities.

Actually, before I make any lists, I think I need to get more sleep.

Something tells me this will all be clearer in the morning.

Anybody else  feeling a little holiday anxiety?

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

No Place Like Home...

But Toronto's a pretty great place to hang out.  

Hang out, do some work and EAT.

Not pictured: Jaime's warm apple beignets with ice cream.  She growled at me when I got too close.  

Andrew Lloyd Webber's Wizard of Oz!  Coming soon!

 I was transfixed by the sparkly rainbow, what can I say.

These are deep fried pickles.  I have wanted to try these in 4EVAH.  Although I kinda pictured finding them at a diner in the deep south that serves BBQ and grits as opposed to the centre of all WASPdom, I'm not complaining.  They were delicious.

Can't find the words to express how exhausted I am (read: OLD) but it was a great trip.  Getting home in time for the craziness known as "dinnertime" and subsequent kid baths and bedtime almost sent me to an early grave but as you can see, I type therefore I AM.

Have you ever had deep fried pickles? 

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

I Have My Own Room

On the 24th floor no less. That's the headline, friends because it's awesome! Had some great meetings today, 3 to go tomorrow morning. About to head out to the BEST steak house this side of Argentina and have a feast.

I wanted to post a picture *here* of the cool poutine place I saw on Queen St but my Blogger app does not approve. Le sigh.

Off to indulge my inner carnivore!

Monday, 19 November 2012

T Dot

Sorry reader(s), this is a lame cop-out post since I'm heading out to Toronto tomorrow on a OVERNIGHT trip.  Yes, for work, but OVERNIGHT.  In a hotel room.  BY MYSELF.

This is my new version of spa vacation, people.  Be happy for me.

Since I have some, er, issues with packing (Hello, overpackers anonymous? Can I bring a suitcase to the group? Filled with shoes?) I have to do that before we can watch the latest Walking Dead.

Hoping my Blogger app lets me post some photos tomorrow (for I will surely snap one or two, probably of food) so I'll be back then with something more interesting.

In the meantime I thought you might like to know that Liliane has watched The Grinch approximately 136 times since Saturday (the original version) and her current Christmas music playlist includes Glee, Michael Bublé and Charlie Brown.  Four songs, over and over and OVER.

And Alice has an official favourite movie.  Tangled.  She finds the DVD and brings it to us pointing and loudly expressing something that I can only assume is LET'S PLEASE WATCH THIS AGAIN.

So fun.

Back tomorrow.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Friday I Mean Sunday Favourite

I bought these.  Except mine are mini - 16 in a box.  I have a deep appreciation for  anything bite-sized.

Turns out, so do the kids.  Maybe they *are* mine after all.

 Shall I keep taking pictures? Am I annoying you yet? OH, SORRY (no I'm not)

Aaaand... this is where they both ended up about 2.56 seconds after those photos.

This is what goes on while Papa is out at the movies.  (His turn to see Skyfall.)  Despite the chocolate-smeared single-parent evening, they both fell asleep before their heads hit the pillow, clean and happy.

Hope y'all had a good weekend!    

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