Monday, 5 November 2012

Urban Garden Post Mortem

I actually turned the heat on today so I think it's time to admit that summer is over.  The snowflakes I saw falling this afternoon helped convince me.

Knowing this day was coming I have been retiring the plants of the urban garden one by one to that big compost heap in the sky.

Bye Petunias, unlikely star of the garden this year.  I couldn't bear to watch you shrivel up in the chill so you left about 10 days ago.

I took this last week.  Blooms in October! Such a treat!  I will remember that for next year.

I am keeping that pot outside (snowflakes be darned) because look!  There could be more flowers!  Plus my little lobelia plant is still hanging in there.  I took this today:

The thyme and sage have both been successfully relocated indoors.  Not sure how long this will last but it works for  now.  

Yes, those are my feet.  You know it had to be cold if I was actually wearing socks. 

In other news: Liliane spotted a Christmas tree in someone's window today.  Maman!  We have to DO that! In her mind, once the Halloween decorations come down, time to start stringing mistletoe!  

Apparently some of our neighbours have the same idea.  I wonder if I have to explain the concept of time to them, as well.  Don't you find that SEVEN WEEKS of tinsel is a little, um, excessive?  I am very pro-Christmas but even *I* would get a little bored by mid-December.  In our house it was never before December 1st. 

When do you start putting up decorations?  


bari said...

i agree, i like dec 1. i still, after so many years will never get over how much your october TG messes with the whole holiday deco schedule. it must be so hard without that late nov anchor. i feel soooooo sad for you guys :)
(oh crap, its november isnt it...that means christmas music on sundays...i think your brother must be preoccupied he hasnt mentioned it)

Theresa said...

So true. Thanksgiving seems to get earlier every year! Sundays in November! I spared my husband the first Sunday but I can't promise anything this week.

Maguiresaunt said...

December 1! I usually put up the outside lights before that (but not until after November 11 - otherwise it feels disrespectful to the veterans), but they don't get turned on until the 1st.

Vanessa Z. said...

I am super jealous that you lasted this long with no heat! John informed me that 12 degrees in the house was too cold and we needed the heat on about two weeks ago.

My birthday is November 18th, and then Christmas decor is fair game. We had neighbours at our old place who had Halloween on the outside and CHristmas on the inside... it was special. I'm excited to have more space to decorate this year!!

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