Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

So this happened a few weeks ago.  I feel sometimes like events in my life don't really count unless they have been properly documented on the blog.  Instagram, Twitter and Facebook just don't cut it? Hello, oversharers anonymous?

I don't know what that says about me, let's pretend we didn't have this conversation.

ANYWAY, we took Alice for her first haircut a few weeks ago.  While we loved her funky fountain 'do, she was starting to pull out her elastic everyday and well, time to move on.

This is the beginning of her signature "I'm all done now so I'll launch myself out of this far from the ground sitting arrangement and what is all the screaming about?" move.  She likes to do it when she's finished eating as well.  It has kept my reflexes sharp I tell you.

Awww.  October 14 was Liliane's due date.  I love it when things line up that way.  

Voilà.  A done deal.  With a leftover birthday cupcake to celebrate.  

Just for fun, I thought you'd like to see Liliane's first haircut back in 2008.  Once I stopped crying about how skinny I used to be, I had a good laugh remembering the whole experience.  She loved it.

In other news: OBAMA!  SQUEE!  So happy.  I realize that US politics don't directly affect my own life, but just knowing that the most powerful country in the entire world did something right and forward-thinking and SMART makes me feel hopeful.  Unlike, for example, what watching The Walking Dead does to me.  Or eating chips and Halloween candy before bed does to me.  And since those things aren't going to change anytime soon (oooh Maman likes her zombie/Reese combo), I'll take my optimism where I can get it!

Preferably on CNN.  In case you were wondering.  I seriously got goosebumps everytime Wolf announced that they had a MAJOR PREDICTION (DUN DUN DUN + patriotic graphics).  Of course I missed the biggest prediction of them ALL (Obama FTW!) when I had to cuddle a teething toddler back to sleep but that's OK.  I got to witness the fateful Ohio declaration and that was cool.

Just curious: any of my readers/lurkers.disappointed with the outcome of the election?  If yes, why?


Tina Lavoie said...

Awww. No more Pebblie-poo hairdo. Very cute, though. It suits Alice.

Found a very nice link for the acceptance speech, with the transcript.

Take care. :)


Vanessa Z. said...

Cute cute cute! No such thing as over sharing... unless there is, and then I will join over sharers anonymous. Love the hair cut... she is SO sweet.

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