Monday, 19 November 2012

T Dot

Sorry reader(s), this is a lame cop-out post since I'm heading out to Toronto tomorrow on a OVERNIGHT trip.  Yes, for work, but OVERNIGHT.  In a hotel room.  BY MYSELF.

This is my new version of spa vacation, people.  Be happy for me.

Since I have some, er, issues with packing (Hello, overpackers anonymous? Can I bring a suitcase to the group? Filled with shoes?) I have to do that before we can watch the latest Walking Dead.

Hoping my Blogger app lets me post some photos tomorrow (for I will surely snap one or two, probably of food) so I'll be back then with something more interesting.

In the meantime I thought you might like to know that Liliane has watched The Grinch approximately 136 times since Saturday (the original version) and her current Christmas music playlist includes Glee, Michael Bublé and Charlie Brown.  Four songs, over and over and OVER.

And Alice has an official favourite movie.  Tangled.  She finds the DVD and brings it to us pointing and loudly expressing something that I can only assume is LET'S PLEASE WATCH THIS AGAIN.

So fun.

Back tomorrow.


Jonathan said...

Does Liliane have the Charlie Brown Christmas CD?

Theresa said...

Yes! And the DVD. Of course :)

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