Thursday, 14 January 2010


I should actually keep posting some of the approximately twelve billion Christmas photos I have, but instead, let's talk about the Olympics, shall we?

First of all, I have to say that I love this year already. I love how that combination of numbers, 2-0-1-0 looks. I like writing the date, it feels ever so much more SIGNIFICANT than 2009. Is that weird?

ANYWAY, my adorable parents-in-law went to see the Olympic flame LIVE as it passed through their city (Laval, suburb of Montréal) about a month ago and not only took some great photos, but generously consented to my co-opting them for blog-content purposes. Ahem.

Previously mentioned adorable father-in-law:

Previously mentioned adorable mother-in-law:

Some of the crowd:

And the flame itself!

I can't remember who the bearer is actually... Feel free to leave me a comment if you know!

While we were in Vancouver we supported the Games by generously buying 2010 Olympics tchotchkes. I know, selfless. We also drove down to Stanley Park to see the rings.

It was pouring rain that day which gives us extra Olympic points I think:

You may notice the absence of the shortest member of our family. She had been whisked away by the Baby Guru and her family the night before for a sleepover. That's right. She SLEPT OVER. And slept well from what I hear! Do you think she even LOOKED for us? Man, she couldn't get out the door fast enough. I'm not even kidding.

It was awesome.

Anyway, my Dad actually WORKS for the Olympics (he has a really cool and really long title) but his team is in charge of the ceremonies and he himself is the broadcast liaison. He had all kinds of stuff going on while we were visiting, but couldn't reveal anything lest we be detained by secret, memory-erasing Olympic ninjas when we tried to leave for Québec.

Ha ha. But seriously, there will be some REALLY COOL STUFF happening on TV people! That's all we're allowed to know.

Otherwise, we're getting back into the routine. Liliane has been sleeping like a champ this week, no more waking up confused or falling out of her crib/bed. OK she was up at 5:45 this morning, but that's it. Her newfound habit of singing along to her lullaby CD as she falls asleep kinda makes up for it.

She is talking more and more, her latest phrases are: Arrête Maman/Papa/Slipper, whatever is annoying her. Also, C'est pas drôle! (typical scolding heard at daycare) je veux (I want) crême glacé (ice cream), couverture (blanket) and je ne veux pas de mitaines (no mittens) and especially je ne veux pas dodo (I don't want to sleep!). Her English vocabulary has expanded since we were in B.C. Now in addition to apple and cheese she says water, boots, scarf, sock and fwoon (spoon).

Voilà. Although I have had to stop watching the news and reading the articles (sends that dark, anxious, panicky part of my brain into a downward spiral), I am praying praying praying for the people of Haiti. Does it make you feel as grateful as I do to have such an easy life?

2010. I like it.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Please have snow and mistletoe...

So that was Christmas!

We're back, we had a great trip. So ready to welcome this new year.

In lieu of a proper post, here are some of my favourite images of the Christmas that was (2009 version):

My youngest niece with my grandmother.

Asher's first Christmas! This is pretty much how he looked the entire time we were there. Even when he felt crappy he looked this cute.

One of MANY photos of all the cousins in matching outfits. My sister hooked us up with these.

I love this one - can you tell which kid doesn't belong?
Took this at my grandparents'. So fun to watch my kid do the same thing that so many have done before her at that house.

Christmas morning in Southern B.C. In a word: GORGEOUS.

My little sister and I. Sigh. I miss her already.

Asher nuzzling my 90-year old grandfather.

Christmas morning, take 2. This time at my Mom's:

Liliane's all time favourite Christmas special - The Grinch. She watched it approximately 2894566 times. She cozied up to my Dad on Christmas Day for a couple of screenings.

With my grandfather.

Happy 2010 everybody!

Hoping to be back here soon to tell you all about our departure-delaying illness, two less-than-enjoyable plane rides, our family portrait adventures, the blog party and did I mention the FOOD?

Back to real life tomorrow. Anybody else dreading it as much as I?
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