Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Four Weeks, etc.

Of COURSE Alice smiled for the first time for my Mom.

Of course she did.

It's our first week home with no one else around. My Mom was here for 10 days and it was so easy. Alice spent most of her visit like this:
Oh, yay, it's Grandma! Hi Grandma! I'm not tired, really I - zzzzz......

It was great.

Otherwise, Alice is now just over 4 weeks old. She's sleeping 6 hours at a time overnight (okay now that I've written that, buh-bye sleep) and getting bigger by the day. She sleeps in her co-sleeper beside our bed, she sleeps in the vibrating chair, she sleeps in the Baby Bjorn carrier and she even sometimes naps in her crib.

She started smiling two weeks ago (when my Mom got here - surprise!) and continues to express total delight at all kinds of awesome things - the pattern of the couch, Winnie the Pooh, any kind of light, and anything Liliane does. She's not so much smiling at ME per se although her frowny face softens a little when I coo at her.

Our windows rattle regularly with her mid-feed burps. Truly impressive. We have a bottle of gripewater at the ready for her cranky evenings and it seems to help.

She gazes adoringly at Stéphane when he carries her around in the evening. She likes to have a warm tummy at all times. She doesn't hate having a bath but her favourite part is having her hair washed. She is fascinated by her reflection in the mirror.

Not sure why it's taking so long for me to pen the story of her arrival. Maybe because I don't want it to all be over? Or something? Not enough brain cells right now to analyze so I'll just concentrate on writing something coherent.

Remember my fears about adding a second kid to the mix? So far so good. Liliane has been pretty good about accepting that I can't do things while I'm feeding Alice and we manage to clean up the kitchen after dinner either because Alice has been considerate enough to sleep or we just get it done with her on our shoulder or in the carrier.

Speaking of Liliane, in case there was any doubt, she is still the resident princess:

I'm reading Dr. Dobson's Strong Willed Child right now which has been helpful if for no other reason because I feel pretty grateful that it could be SO MUCH WORSE. Yes, Liliane has some very definite ideas and is about the most stubborn being I've ever encountered, but at least she has lots of moments of sweetness and a spirit of cooperation and obedience that gives us hope. We're going through an adjustment period right now so we've got some things to figure out re: discipline, but it's coming together.

As for me, I signed up for Cardio-Poussette (Cardio-Stroller) class starting Sept 12th so here's hoping that motivation to get some semblance of my pre-baby body back will kick in before then!

Also - as per usual at this time of year, SO NOT READY FOR THE END OF SUMMER. Is it just me?

Monday, 8 August 2011


We're all good over here. You know, hangin' out.
Occasionally bathing.
Trying to do as much of this as possible.
Bonding. Lots of bonding.

Working on the birth story post. Sorry it's taking so long, but here is a spoiler: 9 pound baby, stuck shoulder, NO DRUGS. See what I did there? SUSPENSE. Now don't you want to come back and read all the (loud) and (unheroic, really not) details?
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