Thursday, 30 June 2011

Hammer Time

I love this picture and figured I could buy some time if I post it with a quick WE ARE ALL OK OVER HERE.

Some of us are lumbering, ungainly bundles of hormones (HINT: not Stéphane) but otherwise happily nesting/watching TV/occasionally freaking out about upcoming birth.

But these two are good.

Heck, I'm good, too.

Especially with our new addition. My baby, the AIR CONDITIONER.

How did I ever live without you, beautiful machine?

That chattering noise you hear in the background may or may not be Stéphane and Liliane's teeth. Hard to tell over the whining about blue lips and frozen toes. PUT ON A SWEATER ALREADY.

Otherwise, I had a brilliant baby shower/leaving work party, we had a ridiculously good time at the Jazz Festival last weekend and I even planted more flowers. Pictures to come.

Happy Canada Day long weekend!

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