Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Dancing Queen and JUBLOPOMO?

Hi Reader(s)! Long time no ramble! 

I wish I could say that I haven't been blogging because I haven't really had anything to say (HA!) but no.  Lots going on.  But let's start with ballet.

Liliane has her first ballet show on Sunday.  YOU GUYS.  If you know me on FB or Twitter you already know all about the stress of creating the BALLET BUN.  Liliane takes after me in the hair department - straight, thick and plentiful.  A.k.a. - UNCOOPERATIVE.  I wrestled it into place for her official ballet photo a week before the show.  PHEWF.

But when it came to the show itself, my ballet bun attempts were, um, rebuffed.  I was in awe of the true ballet bun, no doubt concocted by a true ballerina.  With magic powers.

ANYWAY - her class performed a pieced called Des oeufs miroir s.v.p.!   Translation: Mirror eggs, please!  Don't worry, it doesn't make sense in either language.

Here they come.  At this point I can't even tell where Liliane is because HER HAIR IS SO DIFFERENT. (Hint: she's pretty much at the front)

Found her!  Take away her bangs and I am clueless.  Call it the Clark Kent effect.

Yes, those are wooden spoons.

I think it had something to do with cooking stuff.  Eggs? With mirrors?

Enthusiastic stirring for the win!

 And now it's over.  All the other little chicks? Chefs? Eggs? Head off the stage.
 Yep, there they go.  

 Aaaand, now there's only one.  And someone straggling over there on the right but she wasn't, you know, CENTRE STAGE.

And then they all came back for the grand finale!  She learned pretty quickly how to appease her adoring public by waving into the crowd.  
 Even though her group didn't perform until the second act, the whole experience was pretty painless.  Unlike other children's events we've had to sit through.  I'm looking at YOU, gymnastics.

Bye for now, ballet! 

In other news, I planted our wee container garden.

 My strategy is to go to a big box store on a really hot day, preferably at the end of a big sale.  That way I choose a bunch of really sad looking, picked-over but really inexpensive plants that almost immediately look better once they are repotted and watered for a few days.

Hi pansies!  You are so cheerful and you like the shade and that makes you perfect for our urban oasis.

These impatiens were nothing but a bunch of withered stalks in a styrofoam box.  Now look at them! Magic!

I don't know what these are called but they came in a dusty hanging basket for $5.99.  I took off the hanger, gave them a little TLC and TADAM! Gorgeous.

This is some random form of sage that I will never eat.  But it smells really good and is growing like a weed.  But it's not a weed. It's mainly there to stoke my ego.

Same for this thyme.  

Ensemble photo.  I bought the pink petunias at Liliane's request.  Hoping they survive otherwise I'll have to explain why Maman killed the pretty fleurs.  Which would be for the same reason Maman can't do a FREAKING BALLET BUN.  

And Alice? Yeah, Alice.  My baby.  My baby that DID NOT CRY yesterday when I dropped her at daycare.  It only took 3 weeks and I'm so thankful that I was able to do it gradually.   

But did you hear what I said?  SHE DID NOT CRY.  She practically pushed me out the door - BYE MOM!  Going to hang out with my friends now! Don't wait up!


Speaking of Alice, she and I are heading out to Vancouver on Friday for a whole week of eating White Spot visiting family!  My little sister Jaime is graduating and we siblings are meeting up out there to harass her about her future celebrate!  Apart from the whole "taking an infant on an airplane for too many hours" thing, I'm really excited.  

OH!  One more thing.  I was thinking of doing something crazy and committing to posting every day in July.  July is my birthday month  and Alice's birthday month oh and Asher's birthday month and it's summer and I really loved the fact that I was writing something every single day when I did it back in November.

Anybody want to join me?

What are you guys doing this July?

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