Sunday, 5 December 2010

I Love Mall

We had the best time at the mall today. We didn't see Santa and we didn't actually buy anything. Weird, right?

It was a quiet morning at the Piercy/Arbour homestead. I have the head cold that won't die so we hung out at home until cabin fever started to set in. We heard about the fancy festive set up at one of the malls downtown so we set out towards the Metro.

We don't roll with a stroller anymore, but thanks to Papa's shoulders it doesn't take us 2854 hours to get anywhere.

Hallelujah! Real decorations!

Related: thus begins a series of mediocre photos taken my random (kind) people at the mall. Who suck at photography.

Ok so this time Stéphane framed us up before handing off the camera.
Oookaay. I think family photo time is officially done.

It was super fun! Lots of activities that don't have to do with waiting in line to see Santa. You have to make an APPOINTMENT to see this Santa and all I will say is that those who foolishly mosey out to the mall at 3PM don't get an appointment. Really not.

In other news, my child knows more words to O Christmas Tree than I ever did. She has a blossoming love of the Christmas season and particularly Père Noël. Who brings presents! And candy!

She asks me sometimes "You OK Maman?" and occasionally requests that I not speak. Usually when I've reminded her to PLEASE SIT DOWN ON YOUR CHAIR. But her excitement for Christmas is really the best ever.

I don't know about you but December 1st kind of took me by surprise. It felt like it was forever away and then BAM! How come your decorations aren't up and WHEN WILL YOU GO SHOPPING?

Ha ha, no stress. Liliane has her Christmas gymnastics show next Sunday which just so happens to be the same day as Carols by Candlelight at the church. I'm singing in the choir again this year! The good news is that our commitments are over on the same day and pretty early on in the game.

*Side note to my Mom - I understand why having the church Christmas program happening so close to the 25th was so tricky! And here I am whining about my Dec. 12 activities. Pshaw.

ANYWAY, that's it for me, taking the code in my node and heading to bed. Have a good week!

Friday, 19 November 2010

Christmas Decoration at the Mall FAAAIIILLLLLL

Let me preface this by saying that these photos are not from, like, Florida or anything. This is a big-time, downtown Montréal mall. Montréal, Québec. Where it's COLD at Christmas. You see where I'm going with this? You see why I'm confused?

Umbrellas? Really? This decor is supposed to make us think of the most cursed weather of all time, ICE RAIN? It's hard to see in the photo, but the Santa parasols (??) are hung in the midst of sparkly, icicle-y (??) lights.

I would seriously not wish ice rain on my worst enemy. If my hormones jumped out of my body in the form of evil, vicious, carb-crazy goblins I wouldn't even wish ice rain on THEM. That's how sucky it is.

And to compliment the theme, behold the jaunty evergreen swirl complete with partially closed Santa umbrella/parasol and more icicles. At least there are a few snowflakes in there to make it a little festive. Like okay, thanks to global warming Christmas will probably be WET, but just for the sake of tradition, we'll throw you a flake or two. Thanks a lot.

The photos don't accurately capture the sheer FAIL of this decor.

End of crap decoration rant. The rest of the city is gorgeous, I assure you. Although so snow yet. Which is A-OK by me.

Have a great weekend everybody!

Sunday, 14 November 2010


I had a witty, photo-filled post in mind but sadly I fell victim to Sunday night fatigue.

So I leave you with only this - a princess waiting for her coach to bring her to dinner at Cinderella's Royal Table.

Even if there are no Royal meals in your immediate future, have a magical week everyone!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Ready For My Near-Drowning Mr. DeMille

Friends of mine where I used to work needed a toddler to shoot a re-enactment for this documentary. Now, having just come back from holiday (and needing distraction from the Disney depression) and knowing how Liliane does enjoy the spotlight (ahem), we signed her up!

Wait, I signed her up once it was determined that she was a SURVIVOR of the shipwreck. This was important to me.

She had to get all dirtied up to play a penniless passenger.

I don't think I can describe exactly how comfortable my child was having not one, but two lovely make up artists fussing over her. Like it was totally normal.

Did you get my espresso?

What do you mean they didn't have Dora crocs in 1849? Get my agent on the phone.

Although her burlap sack-like ensemble was far, FAR from the very sparkly princess garb she had been used to wearing, she was thrilled to be in a COSTUME.
Even the headgear.

Luckily they weren't shooting this re-enactement anywhere near icebergs, or water for that matter. Welcome to the magic of green screen!

Hello little urchin.

Since she was to be rescued from the ocean, she had to be wet. Julie from wardrobe sprayed her with water which was about as unpleasant as it sounds.

L was a total trooper. She got right into character.

Being rescued from the water by her mother.

Director Brian McKenna watching her performance on the monitor.

Brian and the crew.

Once her scene was over, she went to her trailer and sipped champagne while playing with her contractually required orange balloon.
Ha ha, good one.

Frolicking with another filthy kiddo, adorable Arthur.

Unfortunately that's not makeup.

One more group shot at the end and voilà! That's a wrap!

OK, unable to end a post with my kid dressed like that, here she is at the Crystal Palace brunch at the Magic Kingdom:

And there it is. Just think, you can say that you knew her when!

Seriously, not hoping that L will be an actor for realz. But we're having fun with opportunities as they come.

Although... You gotta admit, she looks pretty comfortable in a sparkly costume:

I will end by saying that we have successfully cleared ALL errant Halloween candy from this house. My hips are relieved.

And that Stéphane bought a Christmas present for Liliane today which is impressive because a) it's only November 7 and b) IT'S ONLY NOVEMBER 7. He's such a hero.

Oh and I went to TWO cardio classes this week and totally enjoyed myself. Go me.

Have a great week everybody!

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Halloween Cookie Massacre

Hi internet!

Even scarier than the fact that I have not posted in an entire month (my bad) is the crazy amount of sugar we had flying around here this weekend.

It's Halloween! A.K.A. Let it all hang out day! It's like warmup for Christmas where *some people* (no one I know- um, me) give themselves permission to hoover up the treats like there's no tomorrow (Mayan calendar predictions aside).

My poison this year. Honey Grandma's sugar cookies.

Mugs we bought in Disneyworld. Only the thought of upcoming Christmas (and unbridled consumption of butter and baking that goes along with) is keeping me from falling into total Disneyworld withdrawl depression. Don't laugh, PDD is REAL. I'm planning a Telethon next month.

Liliane chose the colours and wielded the food colouring bottles. That's all I have to say about that.

Had an excellent morning with Manon and Luana. We ventured out in the afternoon to get treat bags from the dép around the corner. Fairy wings over winter coats - perfectly sums up Halloween in Montreal.

After dinner we bundled up and headed out to get more treats. We didn't have to go far to hit a bunch of really fun houses with decorations. It was cold, but fun. We, I mean Liliane got some good stuff.

My new favourite picture.

L went as Tinkerbell (Kabby-bew), albeit a more generously clothed version. It was all good though since there was still a little snow on the ground from last night. My B.C. brain can't accept that, even after all these years.

Betcha didn't know Tinkerbell enjoys practicing Tai-Chi:

Our stairs on the way out.
I bought that hat when in Salem, MA with my Mom a couple of weeks ago. Wait, I didn't tell you about that? No? Oh, right. I've been meaning to bring you up to date.

October was all about family visits, Liliane's 3rd birthday, road trip to Boston and Salem with my Mom and browbeating myself for not going to any of my cardio classes until last week.

Guilt and poor self image keeps a girl busy, what can I say?

I have a bazillion and one photos to share including more Disney (shut UP, it's part of my therapy), Liliane playing a near-drowned Irish immigrant toddler in a documentary (JEALOUS?) not to mention Thanksgiving, birthday parties and oh man, are you tired yet?

Sorry for being away so long, I promise to do better.

Please don't punish me with the silent treatment.

Please feel free to suggest what I should post next.

Please tell me to stop eating Halloween treats.

Although, if I continue on this path I will soon be too large to get out of my own bedroom and will therefore have all kinds of time to blog. Huh. Kind of win-win when you think about it that way. Which I won't.

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