Sunday, 7 November 2010

Ready For My Near-Drowning Mr. DeMille

Friends of mine where I used to work needed a toddler to shoot a re-enactment for this documentary. Now, having just come back from holiday (and needing distraction from the Disney depression) and knowing how Liliane does enjoy the spotlight (ahem), we signed her up!

Wait, I signed her up once it was determined that she was a SURVIVOR of the shipwreck. This was important to me.

She had to get all dirtied up to play a penniless passenger.

I don't think I can describe exactly how comfortable my child was having not one, but two lovely make up artists fussing over her. Like it was totally normal.

Did you get my espresso?

What do you mean they didn't have Dora crocs in 1849? Get my agent on the phone.

Although her burlap sack-like ensemble was far, FAR from the very sparkly princess garb she had been used to wearing, she was thrilled to be in a COSTUME.
Even the headgear.

Luckily they weren't shooting this re-enactement anywhere near icebergs, or water for that matter. Welcome to the magic of green screen!

Hello little urchin.

Since she was to be rescued from the ocean, she had to be wet. Julie from wardrobe sprayed her with water which was about as unpleasant as it sounds.

L was a total trooper. She got right into character.

Being rescued from the water by her mother.

Director Brian McKenna watching her performance on the monitor.

Brian and the crew.

Once her scene was over, she went to her trailer and sipped champagne while playing with her contractually required orange balloon.
Ha ha, good one.

Frolicking with another filthy kiddo, adorable Arthur.

Unfortunately that's not makeup.

One more group shot at the end and voilà! That's a wrap!

OK, unable to end a post with my kid dressed like that, here she is at the Crystal Palace brunch at the Magic Kingdom:

And there it is. Just think, you can say that you knew her when!

Seriously, not hoping that L will be an actor for realz. But we're having fun with opportunities as they come.

Although... You gotta admit, she looks pretty comfortable in a sparkly costume:

I will end by saying that we have successfully cleared ALL errant Halloween candy from this house. My hips are relieved.

And that Stéphane bought a Christmas present for Liliane today which is impressive because a) it's only November 7 and b) IT'S ONLY NOVEMBER 7. He's such a hero.

Oh and I went to TWO cardio classes this week and totally enjoyed myself. Go me.

Have a great week everybody!


Cheryl said...

OMG Theresa! Seriously... every single one of those pictures is adorable! I bet she will look absolutely wonderful on film and will steal everyone's heart! I'm still in shock that she is so grown up... seriously!! I've missed the last couple of visits when you three have been out this way, so the last time I saw Liliane was Christmas 2007. She was only what, 2 1/2 months old then? Now look at her... she's even in the biz!!! Grandpa Shel is going to be soooo proud!

Anywho... I loved, loved, loved seeing the pictures and your running description of each. Oh, and Mom, you are not too shabby yourself! How the heck do you do it?? You were dressed casually, so I'm going to assume you didn't dress up for Liliane's first shoot, and yet, every picture you are in, you are gorgeous! How do you manage to run after a little one and still look like you just stepped out of a magazine yourself?? I want to know your secret and I want to know it NOW!! :D


Cheryl (in Vancouver)

Vanessa Z. said...

Wow... L is the cutest penniless passenger I have ever seen! Love it!
Good job on the cardio -- I am "thinking" of starting some sort of routine :o)

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