Sunday, 31 October 2010

Halloween Cookie Massacre

Hi internet!

Even scarier than the fact that I have not posted in an entire month (my bad) is the crazy amount of sugar we had flying around here this weekend.

It's Halloween! A.K.A. Let it all hang out day! It's like warmup for Christmas where *some people* (no one I know- um, me) give themselves permission to hoover up the treats like there's no tomorrow (Mayan calendar predictions aside).

My poison this year. Honey Grandma's sugar cookies.

Mugs we bought in Disneyworld. Only the thought of upcoming Christmas (and unbridled consumption of butter and baking that goes along with) is keeping me from falling into total Disneyworld withdrawl depression. Don't laugh, PDD is REAL. I'm planning a Telethon next month.

Liliane chose the colours and wielded the food colouring bottles. That's all I have to say about that.

Had an excellent morning with Manon and Luana. We ventured out in the afternoon to get treat bags from the dép around the corner. Fairy wings over winter coats - perfectly sums up Halloween in Montreal.

After dinner we bundled up and headed out to get more treats. We didn't have to go far to hit a bunch of really fun houses with decorations. It was cold, but fun. We, I mean Liliane got some good stuff.

My new favourite picture.

L went as Tinkerbell (Kabby-bew), albeit a more generously clothed version. It was all good though since there was still a little snow on the ground from last night. My B.C. brain can't accept that, even after all these years.

Betcha didn't know Tinkerbell enjoys practicing Tai-Chi:

Our stairs on the way out.
I bought that hat when in Salem, MA with my Mom a couple of weeks ago. Wait, I didn't tell you about that? No? Oh, right. I've been meaning to bring you up to date.

October was all about family visits, Liliane's 3rd birthday, road trip to Boston and Salem with my Mom and browbeating myself for not going to any of my cardio classes until last week.

Guilt and poor self image keeps a girl busy, what can I say?

I have a bazillion and one photos to share including more Disney (shut UP, it's part of my therapy), Liliane playing a near-drowned Irish immigrant toddler in a documentary (JEALOUS?) not to mention Thanksgiving, birthday parties and oh man, are you tired yet?

Sorry for being away so long, I promise to do better.

Please don't punish me with the silent treatment.

Please feel free to suggest what I should post next.

Please tell me to stop eating Halloween treats.

Although, if I continue on this path I will soon be too large to get out of my own bedroom and will therefore have all kinds of time to blog. Huh. Kind of win-win when you think about it that way. Which I won't.



Carolee said...

Welcome back!! Such wonderful pics (well, with one exception) and LOVE the new header! I could certainly handle some more Disney pics but I'll take anything!

Anonymous said...

Great post! It's about time! My vote for the next post? Anything! Just post more often. Half drowned Irish immigrant? what?!


Vanessa Z. said...

Fantastic post! I love your little Tinkerbell... she is so adorable! I am with you on the Disneyland withdrawl and I went 5 years ago! Still trying SUPER hard to convince Johny that Logan NEEDS to go to Disneyland! Heehee.

maguiresaunt said...

I LOVE the header pic! The one of you and L in the kitchen is great too. :o)

Roma said...

I love your writing, and you've got me all excited about he lead up to christmas and the food that accompanies it ! I will never put down the kitkat!
Honestly though, i really enjoy your work and your children are absolutly beautiful.

p.s I'm 15 and pretty new to this whole blogging thing and was wondering if you could possibly find the time to have a quick look at my blog ? Any comment ,love or detest it, would be wonderful and much appreciated-coming from a blogging pro like you! Thanks again :)

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