Sunday, 31 October 2010

Halloween Cookie Massacre

Hi internet!

Even scarier than the fact that I have not posted in an entire month (my bad) is the crazy amount of sugar we had flying around here this weekend.

It's Halloween! A.K.A. Let it all hang out day! It's like warmup for Christmas where *some people* (no one I know- um, me) give themselves permission to hoover up the treats like there's no tomorrow (Mayan calendar predictions aside).

My poison this year. Honey Grandma's sugar cookies.

Mugs we bought in Disneyworld. Only the thought of upcoming Christmas (and unbridled consumption of butter and baking that goes along with) is keeping me from falling into total Disneyworld withdrawl depression. Don't laugh, PDD is REAL. I'm planning a Telethon next month.

Liliane chose the colours and wielded the food colouring bottles. That's all I have to say about that.

Had an excellent morning with Manon and Luana. We ventured out in the afternoon to get treat bags from the dép around the corner. Fairy wings over winter coats - perfectly sums up Halloween in Montreal.

After dinner we bundled up and headed out to get more treats. We didn't have to go far to hit a bunch of really fun houses with decorations. It was cold, but fun. We, I mean Liliane got some good stuff.

My new favourite picture.

L went as Tinkerbell (Kabby-bew), albeit a more generously clothed version. It was all good though since there was still a little snow on the ground from last night. My B.C. brain can't accept that, even after all these years.

Betcha didn't know Tinkerbell enjoys practicing Tai-Chi:

Our stairs on the way out.
I bought that hat when in Salem, MA with my Mom a couple of weeks ago. Wait, I didn't tell you about that? No? Oh, right. I've been meaning to bring you up to date.

October was all about family visits, Liliane's 3rd birthday, road trip to Boston and Salem with my Mom and browbeating myself for not going to any of my cardio classes until last week.

Guilt and poor self image keeps a girl busy, what can I say?

I have a bazillion and one photos to share including more Disney (shut UP, it's part of my therapy), Liliane playing a near-drowned Irish immigrant toddler in a documentary (JEALOUS?) not to mention Thanksgiving, birthday parties and oh man, are you tired yet?

Sorry for being away so long, I promise to do better.

Please don't punish me with the silent treatment.

Please feel free to suggest what I should post next.

Please tell me to stop eating Halloween treats.

Although, if I continue on this path I will soon be too large to get out of my own bedroom and will therefore have all kinds of time to blog. Huh. Kind of win-win when you think about it that way. Which I won't.


Friday, 1 October 2010

Hakuna Matata (That's vaguely Hawaiian sounding, right?)

After sifting through our staggering collection of vacation photos, this one rises to the top as my favourite of my child. Why? Because Princess Liliane deigned to smile at US. HER PARENTS. WHO MADE HER. There were no Princesses in sight, she just smiled.
We were actually waiting to have our very first character breakfast (Ohana at the Polynesian - hence the lei) when this was taken. I wasn't sure how she would take to the whole experience.

Suffice it say, she, um, enjoyed it.

Pluto, her very first character.
I totally confess to tearing up mainly because she was just so amazed by it all.

Hi Mickey! You're my favourite but I managed to keep the waterworks under control.
I have a profound appreciation for the people in those costumes, man.

Thank you for being so cute!

Posting this one again because a) L and I are both smiling and b) the light makes my arms look kinda toned.

So if all this emotional happy Disney magic is not enough, we actually ate really well too:
It was a family-style "all-you-care-to-eat" meal. They brought us this platter of breakfast goodies and that was enough for us but we could have asked for as many as we wanted!

Is that not the best euphemism? "All you care to eat"? Such a subtle difference from "All you CAN eat." Just because you CAN eat three plates of Mickey head waffles, doesn't mean you should, tubby!

I didn't photograph the plate of fruit and deeeelicious pineapple coconut bread they put on the table literally as we sat down. You'd think they had some experience with hungry kids... (and parents, let's be honest. I was starving.)

So I seriously did not plan to do an entire post right now but there you go. I'm actually trying to make a PLAN for how to post some of our trip experiences without overdoing the photos that only a parent could love (sorry, guilty!) but sharing some of our favourite moments.

I think it's safe to say that I'm a little intimidated by it all so bear with me as I try to get organized.

In other news...

My Grandmother is out of the hospital! And thanks to my Mom's persistence and lots of prayer from lots of people, she is in the same facility as my grandfather. Hallelujah! They can't actually LIVE together because she still needs more care, but at least he can walk over and visit anytime he wants. It sounds like the transition is taking time, but I think that's normal. I feel better knowing that at least they are in the same (beautiful) place and that they are being well taken care of. So that's that.

Fall kinda took over while we were away so coming back to real life was a little rough. We're getting into a new routine that includes a gymnastics class for L on Saturday mornings plus Sunday school. I had my first pumpkin spice latte today so that's helping me transition. (Double tall, half syrup, no whip. In case anyone wants to drop one off. :)

I have finally put away my flip flops (sigh) and while I haven't unpacked my warm clothes just yet, I have been sort of planning a few fall-type fashion purchases. Also the battle to get L to wear PANTS seems to have calmed down. I get it kid, but people tend to look at us funny when you wear short and sandals to daycare IN THE RAIN.

Sadly I have failed to go to one single cardio class thus far this fall but for this, I blame the craptastic weather. I'm all for being fit and healthy (blah, blah, blah) but I am a weather wienie. It's OK, I've accepted that about myself but I am hoping, so hoping that we get a little Indian summer happening around here so I didn't spend all that money IN VAIN. I won't think about that right now. Sigh.

Coming up: family coming into town for Thanksgiving! Liliane's 3rd birthday! Road trip to Boston with my Mama! And hopefully some positive exercise updates.

ALSO - Happy Birthday Matthew! My little brother turns 33 today. My SIL posted some great pictures on her blog today of my handsome sibling. Looking forward to seeing them next week.

Have a great weekend! Celebrate fall!
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