Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Baby Turnover (almost)

OK, so I didn't go to yoga yesterday, but in my defense, this is what was happening outside:

It doesn't look that bad but it was enough to discourage me! We did get out anyway, but we went for a walk around the neighborhood instead. I went to visit the office of a local sort of support group for Moms. They organize weekly activities and workshops so that you can meet other mothers and socialize, get information, etc. Liliane and I are signed up for baby massage in April!

Today's excursion was to the clinic to get our little marble weighed and she is now 16 pounds - double her birth weight! The nurse said that she is doing really well, not to worry that she's a little bigger than average. Get used to that honeybun!

I took these last night as she was playing on her mat. She is wiggling around so much these days and has practically turned over a couple of times like this:

She was having a grand time talking to herself in the mirror:

And smiling at Maman (again with the camera!). I think this might be my favorite new picture:

How quickly smiles turn to crankiness! So funny when she sticks her lip out like this:

That's about it for today. Getting a little sick of winter... Off to clean the dead bugs out of my light fixtures. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

My Turn to Make Her Laugh!

This is from Friday night I think. She gets really giggly right around bedtime!

On Sunday afternoon Stéphane was hoping to inspire Liliane to get sleepy for her nap by lying down and showing her how much fun an afternoon snooze can be! She didn't go for it so we took a bunch of pictures instead...

Hey! I see you and your camera...

We managed to get to mass on Sunday morning and we were even almost on time! We had a chat with the preist afterwards and it looks like we can get Liliane's christening organized for the last Sunday in May. We have to check with her godparents to make sure that they can make that date, then we'll lock it down and start planning.

So the movie last night was OK ("The Other Boleyn Girl"). It reminded me of a low-rent version of "Elizabeth". Less subtle, less budget, more flashy. The actors were good. Worth seeing if you like those period pieces I guess. Two childbirth scenes which made me laugh a little (now that I'm such an expert, whatever) but I am a little sensitive now to seeing babies on screen... It's a miracle that baby or mother survived childbirth in those days - what a mess!

Lots of snow falling here today with no end in sight apparently. Liliane and I will get to yoga anyway (oh yes, I am determined to go today) and that's about it on the schedule for now. I'll report back on my yoga progress tomorrow.

Monday, 25 February 2008

Busy weekend

It's Monday again and I've been a busy bee today getting things organized so I can go to the movies tonight! Stéphane got me a pass to see a preview of "The Other Boleyn Girl" tonight so I had a shower AND got groceries AND made meat sauce for spaghetti AND fed Liliane her rice cereal (first thing in the morning is my new strategy - so far, so good) AND made bottles for tonight. Now that I'm typing it out, it doesn't sound like a lot but I did also take care of the baby in between all of that... Anyway, I'll let you know how the movie was tomorrow.

This weekend was full of all kinds of fun stuff, starting with attending Liliane's very first birthday party! Luana turned 2 and Manon and Victor hosted a lovely soirée. There weren't any other kids there besides the birthday girl and our little jellybean, so they both got all kinds of love and attention... Here are some of the photos we took:

Coat not even off and already hounded by paparazzi!

Opening presents (our Crayola stuff went over well!)


Family photo

Sleepy bunny (and Papa's awesome sleepy powers!)

On Saturday we indulged in a little Quebecois comfort food called poutine which is a concoction of fries, cheese curds and gravy. You can get poutine all over the place, but it's not always the real deal. The cheese has to make a "squwick, squwick" sound pn your teeth when you bite it, the fries have to be solid, but not too thick (no wedges, please) and the gravy has to be dark and tasty. As you can understand by looking at this photo, poutine is a treat to be enjoyed every now and again only. And if you happen to be trying to drop some of your baby weight, maybe only once in a blue moon...

Saturday night was bathtime and we took these pix of Liliane with her bunny washcloth and towel just because she looks so cute!
I have more to add but it will have to wait until tomorrow as I'm off to clean up and head out to the movies!
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Friday, 22 February 2008


Lilane was getting a racecar ride from Papa last night and we got some of her delight on camera... It's a pretty long clip so I hope it loads OK.

We caught Brigitte's second night of TV stardom on "Tous pour un" where she only missed one question out of about 40 and walked away $20,000 richer! Yay Brigitte!!

Snowing here today. Off to get a present for my pal Manon's daughter Luana who is two years old today. It also happens to be my grandmother's birthday today as well so we had a nice chat this morning. I can't believe she is 87! Here is a photo of my adorable grandparents on the occasion of their 60th wedding anniversary in April of 2005:

Happy Friday!

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Maybe Not a Rocket Scientist + Cheezburger

This is Day 4 of the rice cereal project and it's going a little better, although I think it's safe to say that Liliane is not so clear on the concept... Here is how our session went this morning:

The before picture:

Open wide... comes the airplane/choo choo train/birdie/whatever!

Mmmm... delicious??

Look Ma, I can spit it all out with my tongue!

See how smart and funny I am??!

Oh well. My sister the baby guru says it takes a while for them to learn so I'm not discouraged yet. It would be nice to cut down a little on her crazy formula consumption (we're talking a $25/week habit here!) but I guess we'll have to be patient.

Not much else going on today. It's cold and windy but sunny so we'll bundle up and head out to do some errands this afternoon. Tonight is another new episode of Lost, plus our pal Brigitte is taking another crack at "Tous pour un" for the chance to take home $20,000! We will be cheering from the couch.

I must also tell you about this website that CRACKS ME UP. It's called "I Can Haz Cheezburger?" and it's pictures of cats with ridiculous captions. There's a whole special language to it and some of them are seriously hilarious. Matthew and Bari introduced me to it this summer and I recently re-visited the site and spent at least 20 minutes in stitches. I am not a cat person or anything, but some of them are so, so funny. Here is an example:

Sometimes there are other animals, too. This is for my friend Deb who has a special love for the sloth:

Anyway, if you're up for some time wasting, here is a link to the site:


Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Smells Like The Stanley Cup Around Here+Stéphane's Blog

I'm gloating a little today because our Canadiens kicked some serious NY butt last night. What a game! Montréal is such a hockey town anyway, but this year the hype is CRAZY. Go Habs Go!

FLASHBACK:Here are the photos from the 5 à 7 we went to last week for André. Cute, right?

André is heading to Paris to head up the newly created dramatic series department at TF1, France's biggest broadcaster. Basically a dream job so although it's sad that we won't be working together when I go back in September, it's a great thing for him and maybe even for us and future co-productions with France! Plus we'll have a place to stay next time we make it to the City of Lights ;)

Stéphane's blog is up and running now so feel free to check it out:

The title means "15 Wasted Seconds" and the concept is that in this era of reality shows and Facebook and annoying email jokes, Stéphane figured that he could help people waste their time in a slightly more interesting way by creating 15-second micro films (as in, seriously short films). He will be posting these micro films plus links to music and other cultural issues that catch his fancy. Unlike my blog which is all about the baby and our life, blah, blah, blah, his is artsy and dare I say, smart. Plus it's in French. He will happily send an English translation of anything if you leave a comment with your request. The micro films are pretty self-explanatory :) Voilà, go check it out and encourage him with a comment or two.

And because I'm pretty much not allowed to post without pictures of our little lovebug, here are some fresh from this morning's snoozefest. Not sure why she is frowning in her sleep. Must be dreaming about rice cereal...

Another cold and windy day around here so a trip out in the stroller to finish getting the groceries is on the schedule this afternoon. No, I didn't make it to yoga yesterday (blame the jellybean, she slept right through our planned departure time) but we did get out for a big walk around the 'hood which made me feel much better. I bought a scrapbook for all her millions of cards so I can finally start getting all that stuff organized. Wish me luck!Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Windy Tuesday

So it's still pretty warm around here for this time of year, but it's super windy out today which means going out in the stroller only, no carrier. I didn't end up getting all the groceries yesterday, thinking I could go today, but since I have ZERO talent for pushing the stroller with one hand and a shopping cart with the other, I'll have to rethink my plan.

The other thing is that there is baby yoga today. This would be a good thing to do because it involves a nice big walk to the Y and back, plus socializing with other Moms, even though they might throw rocks at me once they realize that I use disposable diapers AND feed my baby formula...

Last night Liliane had her first really big belly laughs. We tried to get it on camera but our timing wasn't so good. We managed to get my Mom on the phone so she could hear how funny it was! Stéphane was pretending to eat her toes which for some reason completely cracked her up. Is that not the greatest sound ever? Your child really, really laughing?? Love that. We'll keep trying to get it on camera because it's too hilarious.

This day has been pretty relaxed so far. We did our Rachael Ray/newspaper/bed combo just before first naptime this morning which is when I took these:

And you are...?

And this is the end result:

You think she's relaxed enough?

So that's our life for today. I'll really try and kick my butt and get to yoga. Really.
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