Friday, 22 February 2008


Lilane was getting a racecar ride from Papa last night and we got some of her delight on camera... It's a pretty long clip so I hope it loads OK.

We caught Brigitte's second night of TV stardom on "Tous pour un" where she only missed one question out of about 40 and walked away $20,000 richer! Yay Brigitte!!

Snowing here today. Off to get a present for my pal Manon's daughter Luana who is two years old today. It also happens to be my grandmother's birthday today as well so we had a nice chat this morning. I can't believe she is 87! Here is a photo of my adorable grandparents on the occasion of their 60th wedding anniversary in April of 2005:

Happy Friday!


mom said...

SO CUTE!!! Looks like she's loving the race car - Papa's leg muscles should be pretty spectacular by the time she outgrows that!

And congratulations Brigitte!

And Happy Birthday, Grandma!!! What a nice pic of them.

Jennifer said...

That was too adorable!! I think she may have been laughing at how much her mom was cracking up over the whole thing!!

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