Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Windy Tuesday

So it's still pretty warm around here for this time of year, but it's super windy out today which means going out in the stroller only, no carrier. I didn't end up getting all the groceries yesterday, thinking I could go today, but since I have ZERO talent for pushing the stroller with one hand and a shopping cart with the other, I'll have to rethink my plan.

The other thing is that there is baby yoga today. This would be a good thing to do because it involves a nice big walk to the Y and back, plus socializing with other Moms, even though they might throw rocks at me once they realize that I use disposable diapers AND feed my baby formula...

Last night Liliane had her first really big belly laughs. We tried to get it on camera but our timing wasn't so good. We managed to get my Mom on the phone so she could hear how funny it was! Stéphane was pretending to eat her toes which for some reason completely cracked her up. Is that not the greatest sound ever? Your child really, really laughing?? Love that. We'll keep trying to get it on camera because it's too hilarious.

This day has been pretty relaxed so far. We did our Rachael Ray/newspaper/bed combo just before first naptime this morning which is when I took these:

And you are...?

And this is the end result:

You think she's relaxed enough?

So that's our life for today. I'll really try and kick my butt and get to yoga. Really.

1 comment:

auntie B said...

i cannot believe how big she is getting!! its only been 6 or 7 weeks but wow! can't wait for your visit!!!!

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