Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Last B.C. update + Yoga with the Yummy Mummies

So we finally went to Mommy and Baby yoga yesterday afternoon at the Y. The idea is that you bring your kiddo (from 1 - 9 months or so) and do some yoga for you, some yoga for baby and some things together. It's a very informal class and the instructor knows everyone by name. The class starts with a tour around the room where each Mom talks about how they are doing, what's new, what their babies are up to, etc. It's nice actually. Then we get down to stretches and different exercises, yoga poses, etc. Liliane thought it was pretty hilarious (once she stopped squawking because she was hungry) and she was super interested in hearing all those other babies making noises.

Now, I have to say that I am not a big yoga person. I've done classes in the past and while I see how it's good for you, etc, I just don't feel like a) I'm very good at it and b) that it does very much for me. That feeling was only exacerbated yesterday when I started doing some of the poses and realized that my body is really not the same as it was pre-baby! The simplest little things were more difficult than I remember so that was a little discouraging. It didn't help to have the instructor tell me not to even ATTEMPT the candle pose if I have never done it before. "Don't even try it chubster, you'll never get those hippo hips off the ground!" That's what my hormonally challenged ears heard. Also, the other Moms seemed pretty sleek and toned and graceful. Oh well. I know it takes practice and I have to ease my body back into regular exercise, but wow, it's harder than I thought. I went from working out in the gym at least twice a week to a year of only walking for exercise. Got to get back in the saddle (without breaking the horse's back)!
Anyway, enough whining, back to B.C. We took these at Kits beach near the end of our trip. We wanted Liliane to breathe in some ocean air before we left.

I love this picture of my two favorite people. It's my computer desktop background.

We also went for a walk in the forest with Barney and took these pix:
This year we hung around long enough to celebrate Jaime's 14th birthday before we left which was totally fun. She had some friends over including our cousins Bruce and Helen and their girls Sarah and Maria. They come up from Washington state every year and bring Jaime a gorgeous birthday cake. This year the theme was Hollywood so this is what they did:
You can't see in the photo, but they also made little bags of "popcorn" which were actually colored, twisted marshmallows. Such a crafty family!
Here is the birthday girl with some of her party guests:
Well, that's about it for our trip! I'll finish it off with Liliane's first ever picture with Santa.

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Jennifer said...

you have become a super blogger!!
You guys took some great pictyres over the holidays. Thanks!!!

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