Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Smells Like The Stanley Cup Around Here+Stéphane's Blog

I'm gloating a little today because our Canadiens kicked some serious NY butt last night. What a game! Montréal is such a hockey town anyway, but this year the hype is CRAZY. Go Habs Go!

FLASHBACK:Here are the photos from the 5 à 7 we went to last week for André. Cute, right?

André is heading to Paris to head up the newly created dramatic series department at TF1, France's biggest broadcaster. Basically a dream job so although it's sad that we won't be working together when I go back in September, it's a great thing for him and maybe even for us and future co-productions with France! Plus we'll have a place to stay next time we make it to the City of Lights ;)

Stéphane's blog is up and running now so feel free to check it out:

The title means "15 Wasted Seconds" and the concept is that in this era of reality shows and Facebook and annoying email jokes, Stéphane figured that he could help people waste their time in a slightly more interesting way by creating 15-second micro films (as in, seriously short films). He will be posting these micro films plus links to music and other cultural issues that catch his fancy. Unlike my blog which is all about the baby and our life, blah, blah, blah, his is artsy and dare I say, smart. Plus it's in French. He will happily send an English translation of anything if you leave a comment with your request. The micro films are pretty self-explanatory :) Voilà, go check it out and encourage him with a comment or two.

And because I'm pretty much not allowed to post without pictures of our little lovebug, here are some fresh from this morning's snoozefest. Not sure why she is frowning in her sleep. Must be dreaming about rice cereal...

Another cold and windy day around here so a trip out in the stroller to finish getting the groceries is on the schedule this afternoon. No, I didn't make it to yoga yesterday (blame the jellybean, she slept right through our planned departure time) but we did get out for a big walk around the 'hood which made me feel much better. I bought a scrapbook for all her millions of cards so I can finally start getting all that stuff organized. Wish me luck!Posted by Picasa

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auntie B said...

her hair is so ridic in those photos. you need 5 million more pictures of them. its just completely awesome.

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