Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Hey Jude

Liliane is into a two hour marathon nap so it looks like I'll have time to shower AND blog today!

Part of our daily routine is to listen to music together. She has always responded to hearing music, even when she was just teeny tiny, so I have been workign on expanding her musical education. Lately we've been listening to Mika in the morning because we like to dance around and get all pumped up for going outside. I defy any of you to listen to "Lollipop" and not feel perky afterwards! We also like "Big Girl You Are Beautiful" from that album for obvious reasons :)

Anyway, today I introduced her to the Beatles and I took these pictures of her while my all-time favorite song "Hey Jude" was playing and I was singing along to it.
Speaking of singing, I hear her starting to talk to me from her room (wow, they really get vocal all of a sudden, don't they?) so that's it for today.


auntie B said...

im glad you like mika cause i LOVE mika! its happy music. im also glad that she seems to like the beatles ;)

Jennifer said...

I love that sleeper. I made Cali wear it until I couldn't stuff her in ot anymore!

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