Thursday, 21 February 2008

Maybe Not a Rocket Scientist + Cheezburger

This is Day 4 of the rice cereal project and it's going a little better, although I think it's safe to say that Liliane is not so clear on the concept... Here is how our session went this morning:

The before picture:

Open wide... comes the airplane/choo choo train/birdie/whatever!

Mmmm... delicious??

Look Ma, I can spit it all out with my tongue!

See how smart and funny I am??!

Oh well. My sister the baby guru says it takes a while for them to learn so I'm not discouraged yet. It would be nice to cut down a little on her crazy formula consumption (we're talking a $25/week habit here!) but I guess we'll have to be patient.

Not much else going on today. It's cold and windy but sunny so we'll bundle up and head out to do some errands this afternoon. Tonight is another new episode of Lost, plus our pal Brigitte is taking another crack at "Tous pour un" for the chance to take home $20,000! We will be cheering from the couch.

I must also tell you about this website that CRACKS ME UP. It's called "I Can Haz Cheezburger?" and it's pictures of cats with ridiculous captions. There's a whole special language to it and some of them are seriously hilarious. Matthew and Bari introduced me to it this summer and I recently re-visited the site and spent at least 20 minutes in stitches. I am not a cat person or anything, but some of them are so, so funny. Here is an example:

Sometimes there are other animals, too. This is for my friend Deb who has a special love for the sloth:

Anyway, if you're up for some time wasting, here is a link to the site:



Anonymous said...

Umm yeah...thanks for freaking me out! I just looked at your blog (at work, I know it's bad but I couldn't resist) and what do I see? The most terrifying creature on the planet. That sloth is going to crawl out of my screen like the girl in "The Ring" and come and kill me.


Jennifer said...

Way to keep trying on the cereal!! If nothing else at least its entertaining!

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