Monday, 4 February 2008

B.C. Flashback: Friends and Family

In my last post I mentioned that Liliane was playing happily on her little mat. It got kind of quiet so I looked over and this is what I saw:

Love that. I'm hoping she'll be one of those kids that can fall asleep anywhere. So far, so good!

Now that she's all tucked into her crib, I'll continue with the Vancouver photos. This series is all about Liliane meeting various friends and family members. These first ones are with Julie, my best friend since the age of 3. Yep, we were 3 years old when she came over from her house down the block and offered me rhubarb dipped in sugar and I told her my name was Dorothy. THIRTY YEARS LATER (wow, how old do I feel), we are still involved in each other's lives and I absolutely cherish her and our friendship. We spent the evening with Julie and even got to visit a little with her parents. After we took these photos we headed out for dinner to Boston Pizza and got all up to date on what's happening in our lives. The only downer was that Stéphane got the flu which manifested itself as soon as he had finished eating so it looks like we won't be going back to Boston Pizza for a long, long time. Oh well.

This is my dog Barney. I had to get at least one photo with him, even if Liliane couldn't hold herself up enough to lean on him. As you can see, he's used to being flopped on by babies...

We went to visit my Dad's office and took this one of our future producer:
Grampa had the magic touch to get our cranky girl to sleep over the holidays. Love this one of them:
Liliane and I went to visit my grandparents while Stéphane was down with the flu. We had a lovely lunch (I ate my weight in Grandma's toasted homemade raisin bread with butter) and I took these of Lili with her great-grandparents:
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Look! Liliane and my grandmother have the same colour hair!
My cousins Keith and Alyson came over to visit with their cutie pie kids Jeffrey and Natasha. We got this picture before Liliane decided she was done with photos thank you very much.
That's it for now!

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mom said...

Such nice pics of G & G! And Julie looks pretty good, too!

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