Sunday, 17 February 2008

Four Months Old

Our baby turned four months old yesterday! We celebrated by giving her rice cereal for the first time. She was decidedly unimpressed. I even doubt if any of it actually reached her wee tummy. But like my sister says, you have to start teaching them how to eat because it takes forever! This is some video Stéphane took of her first experience with "food":

Tee hee! We'll keep at it. Note that we're using Stéphane's baby spoon (merci Ma!)

I took these on Friday because I love this top of hers (thank you Auntie Julie in B.C.!) and I think her bald spot is so funny... Plus you can see her little "stork's kiss" still on the back of her neck. So cute.

Oh, and an update on the Valentine flower saga... The door buzzed at 5pm on Friday and there was a new bouquet from Marie Vermette. He asked me for the old bouquet but I played dumb (and cold, it was freezing outside!) so he let it go (poor guy was cold also) so I've got two bunches of lovely fleurs, the second one a little perkier than the first:

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Stéphane stayed home with Liliane yesterday while I went off to see the last Best Picture nominated film "Michael Clayton" with my pregnant pal Julie. I have now seen them all and I really don't know who will win it. "Juno" was excellent but it's too young and funny, "Michael Clayton" is well made but too smart for the Academy. I think the vote will be split between "There Will Be Blood" and "No Country for Old Men" so "Atonement" will likely emerge the winner. But we'll see...


Anonymous said...

Awwwww, poor thing! It must be so weird for babies the first time something new is put into their mouths. It's amazing how much they have to trust their parents, eh?? :)

mom said...

Funny!! May I suggest putting the spoon farther back in her mouth - her tongue only knows how to push out still.

Nice flowers - again!

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