Monday, 18 February 2008

Wiggly Monday Morning

I can't believe how well-rested I am these days! Back in Liliane's first weeks at home, I remember thinking that I would never get to sleep again... Since she hasn't been waking up in the night for about the last two weeks or so, I've been regularly getting almost 8 hours of shut-eye. Although I tend to wake up around 4 anyway since that's been her usual feeding time from day one, but lately I'm starting to sometimes sleep through it. What a happier place the world is when you get enough sleep!

We planned to go to Stéphane's church on Sunday morning, but a sleeping baby plus unorganized parents didn't make it out the door in time for the 11:00 mass. We felt bad about that, but vowed to be better organized next week so we can go AND be on time. Instead, I offered to shovel the snow off our two balconies and the front stairs. I needed the exercise plus it was a beautiful sunny morning.

By the way, our slacker 2nd floor neighbour did a great job of shovelling and salting the stairs last week, so my friendly/firm phone call did the trick!

We finally got ourselves out the door around noon, picked up our Communauto and headed for Stéphane's parents' place to drop Liliane off so we could go see "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly." It's a beautiful, beautiful film that made me completely nauseous. Not because of the subject matter or anything, but because of some pretty funky subjective camera. I tend to get motion sickness when there's too much jerky movement on the big screen which is such a drag because I end up missing some good stuff because I've got my eyes clenched shut. Oh well. Stéphane and I got to spend some time together which is always nice although I may have been a little cranky...

On Saturday a couple of our friends let us know that Liliane was in the newspaper! It's the same photo as the one I posted last week, but it's bigger and it's part of a big article in one of the main Montréal dailies about the show. The writer even refers to her as "le beau bébé blond"! I scanned the photo and part of the article from La Presse:

That's about it for our day yesterday. After a yummy dinner with my in-laws (babysitting AND a meal, how spoiled are we!), we got home in time to catch the first episode of "Dexter" which is an HBO series (I think) and has now found its way to Global. Since we are big "Six Feet Under" fans, I wanted to see it just because of Michael C. Hall who plays a forensics guy who also happens to be a serial killer. It's really not as dark as it sounds although it's a little bloodier than CSI for example. I also caught the last few minutes of Knight Rider. Wow, talk about a flashback! I still remember watching that show with my brother. I was all about David Hasselhoff but Matthew was pretty hyped up about the car.

I took these pix this morning of Liliane trying to wiggle out of her chair when she's tired of playing with her cube thingy. It always cracks me up when I look over and see her half-flopped out and completely uncomfortable:

This is her reaction to my laughing and asking her where she thought she was going... Not amused.

Off to get groceries today in the crazy warm plus 6 weather and sunshine!
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Jennifer said...

It seems like the buckle has some how become unfastened. Maybe you should review the saftey nanual I am sure it came with ;)
Ps. thanks for posting all these awesome pictures it eases my seperation anxiety a little

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