Monday, 4 February 2008

Flashback to B.C. - Science World!

Well, it's Monday morning again. We had a nice weekend filled with equal parts of hanging around inside in our PJs, doing errands and having friends over. We made a big trip to Wal-Mart yesterday which was not that much fun since Liliane wasn't into staying in the stroller. In her defense, she was a little sweaty but still, crying baby+lots of shoppers+clueless Walmart employees = cranky parents. Oh well, we got a good deal on diapers and formula plus a few other bits and pieces from our neverending list of things to buy. Although, for you parents out there, Shoppers Drug Mart (known in Qc as Pharmaprix) has a better deal on Pampers right now so check that out before going to Wal-Mart. I say Wal-Mart but I really mean Wal-Meet which is what we say in our house since my nephew Xavier started calling it that when he was little. The name has just stuck.

Liliane is happily playing on her playmat so I'm grabbing the opportunity to post more B.C. photos... Stéphane wanted to do something fun with our nieces and nephews so we all went to Science World! For those of you who are not from B.C., Science World is what is now inside the big golf ball that you see in the Vancouver skyline.

Here is Stéphane, Klausine and Xavier in the goofy mirrors...

Xavier, Georgia and Lunden squeezing into the squishy box...

Now the Dads are having fun with a little friendly competition! This is a machine that measures your hand strength. Stéphane beat me, Carl beat Stéphane and Jennifer beat all of us.

Now on to the wheelchair races. I think Carl won this one.
Jen and I and the two smallest babies took a break here in front of a very grey Vancouver skyline.
Mmm... huge plastic burger anyone? (I admit that we went directly to White Spot for Triple-O after this outing. For those of you not from B.C., White Spot is a family-style restaurant that is known for its special burger sauce that I CRAVE desperately when I'm not there).
All the kids had fun with this thing. It's hard to see, but air is keeping those purple balls afloat (and making Klausine's hair go all crazy).

We all had a really good time. Sigh. I miss them all.
Just got an invite accompany a dear friend to a film premiere tonight so Mama's goin' out! Yay! Stéphane will even be coming home a little early to accomodate my plans. I've been a little hormonal and grumpy lately (I know, hard to imagine!) so I really appreciate his patience and sense of humour. I think he's probably excited to spend an evening at home without his crabby wife. Everybody wins!


mom said...

Looks like such fun!!

And I'm glad you're able to get out for the evening. (I've heard a little piece of dark chocolate does wonders for the hormones...)

auntie B said...

Awesome pics! I really will get down to it - I am just never ever home anymore!

ps- i hear you on the wal-meet and I raise you a flo-ee and a computoy.

mom said...

And when we're done we can have some pizza with pepee-ohnee!

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