Friday, 15 February 2008

Valentine's Day Part 2

We're back to snow here today after a whole day of sunshine yesterday. It's only about minus 5 I think so Liliane and I will do a couple of errands this afternoon. I really want to get out today since I spent all day yesterday inside waiting for my Valentine bouquet that never ended up coming! Stéphane ordered flowers from Marie Vermette, an upscale, well-known florist and ended up having a terrible experience. They were supposed to arrive before noon but after calling at least three times throughout the afternoon, it was finally determined at 7PM (and call #3 or 4) that they had written down the wrong address. Luckily no one was home at this other address so my flowers spent the night in the delivery truck and I got them this morning.

The bouquet is really quite beautiful, although it shows that the flowers are not quite as fresh as they were yesterday. Not only is the address on the label wrong, our phone number is wrong, too!

The worst part is that he was treated pretty badly by the flower shop (ie - "sorry but once the flowers leave with the courier, it's out of our control!" and "be polite, sir, I am very busy" when I was there and his tone was not only polite but fairly calm given the circumstances. I mean, really...) My husband is infinitely more patient with this kind of thing than I am, but his limits were severely tested. I can understand that yesterday was the busiest day of the year for florists, but since you have ALL THE REST OF THE YEAR to prepare for that, don't you think that clients deserve to be treated well just the same? In the end, Madame Vermette stepped up and apologized for both the address and phone number mix-ups and Stéphane will be getting a partial refund and I will be apparently receiving a whole new bouquet.

So since I was hanging around waiting all day, I couldn't get to the grocery store to get the ingredients for my special dinner plan. No problem, we ordered pasta from an Italian restaurant down the street that we like. This is one of the definite advantages of living in Little Italy! I had already made a salad so we had that first:

Then we had our pasta:

Then my special Valentine brownies (thanks Martha Stewart!):

We watched our friend Brigitte kick butt on the quiz show "Tous pour un" which was totally exciting. She was amazing! She had to answer all kinds of obscure questions about playwright (and national treasure) Michel Tremblay and she only got one wrong (and she knew the answer, it was more of a technicality)... Plus she won $10,000 and will be going back next week to hopefully win $10,000 more!

We watched Lost after that (more questions, more confusion on that show) and that was our cozy Valentine's Day evening.

Liliane woke up around 8:30 this morning after another peaceful night (I think I'm finally starting to pay back my sleep debt, yay!) and after her bottle we did a repeat of yesterday and she dozed off again on her own:

I see from looking at yesterday's post that she is still wearing the same sleeper as yesterday morning... Oops. Better change her outfit when she wakes up.

Hope you all had a good Valentine's Day!

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Jennifer said...

pretty flowers you lucky girl!! Looks like you had a nice cozy night.

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