Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Baby Turnover (almost)

OK, so I didn't go to yoga yesterday, but in my defense, this is what was happening outside:

It doesn't look that bad but it was enough to discourage me! We did get out anyway, but we went for a walk around the neighborhood instead. I went to visit the office of a local sort of support group for Moms. They organize weekly activities and workshops so that you can meet other mothers and socialize, get information, etc. Liliane and I are signed up for baby massage in April!

Today's excursion was to the clinic to get our little marble weighed and she is now 16 pounds - double her birth weight! The nurse said that she is doing really well, not to worry that she's a little bigger than average. Get used to that honeybun!

I took these last night as she was playing on her mat. She is wiggling around so much these days and has practically turned over a couple of times like this:

She was having a grand time talking to herself in the mirror:

And smiling at Maman (again with the camera!). I think this might be my favorite new picture:

How quickly smiles turn to crankiness! So funny when she sticks her lip out like this:

That's about it for today. Getting a little sick of winter... Off to clean the dead bugs out of my light fixtures. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Wow,16 pounds! No wonder I felt like my arms were getting stronger and stronger...

mom said...

Nice weather. Did I mention I've already had a couple rounds of fresh tulips on my desk? :o)

Such cute bebe pics! Good thing she's got her own twisty exercise program going on, with all that snow making you housebound!

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