Sunday, 5 December 2010

I Love Mall

We had the best time at the mall today. We didn't see Santa and we didn't actually buy anything. Weird, right?

It was a quiet morning at the Piercy/Arbour homestead. I have the head cold that won't die so we hung out at home until cabin fever started to set in. We heard about the fancy festive set up at one of the malls downtown so we set out towards the Metro.

We don't roll with a stroller anymore, but thanks to Papa's shoulders it doesn't take us 2854 hours to get anywhere.

Hallelujah! Real decorations!

Related: thus begins a series of mediocre photos taken my random (kind) people at the mall. Who suck at photography.

Ok so this time Stéphane framed us up before handing off the camera.
Oookaay. I think family photo time is officially done.

It was super fun! Lots of activities that don't have to do with waiting in line to see Santa. You have to make an APPOINTMENT to see this Santa and all I will say is that those who foolishly mosey out to the mall at 3PM don't get an appointment. Really not.

In other news, my child knows more words to O Christmas Tree than I ever did. She has a blossoming love of the Christmas season and particularly Père Noël. Who brings presents! And candy!

She asks me sometimes "You OK Maman?" and occasionally requests that I not speak. Usually when I've reminded her to PLEASE SIT DOWN ON YOUR CHAIR. But her excitement for Christmas is really the best ever.

I don't know about you but December 1st kind of took me by surprise. It felt like it was forever away and then BAM! How come your decorations aren't up and WHEN WILL YOU GO SHOPPING?

Ha ha, no stress. Liliane has her Christmas gymnastics show next Sunday which just so happens to be the same day as Carols by Candlelight at the church. I'm singing in the choir again this year! The good news is that our commitments are over on the same day and pretty early on in the game.

*Side note to my Mom - I understand why having the church Christmas program happening so close to the 25th was so tricky! And here I am whining about my Dec. 12 activities. Pshaw.

ANYWAY, that's it for me, taking the code in my node and heading to bed. Have a good week!


Vanessa Z. said...

Love the family pictures, even if people are unskilled at taking them! Your mall looks super fun for the kids too. :o)

Sandi said...

She has gotten so BIG.

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