Monday, 8 August 2011


We're all good over here. You know, hangin' out.
Occasionally bathing.
Trying to do as much of this as possible.
Bonding. Lots of bonding.

Working on the birth story post. Sorry it's taking so long, but here is a spoiler: 9 pound baby, stuck shoulder, NO DRUGS. See what I did there? SUSPENSE. Now don't you want to come back and read all the (loud) and (unheroic, really not) details?


auntie b said...

you had me at 9lb baby. (not sure why but 8.7 sounds tiny compared to 9.1 and asher had a stuck FACE. ha) (also eew)

Anonymous said...

WHAT?!!! Wow. I'm trying to think of something cleaver to say but I am too overwhelmed with emotion from the sweet sleepy bonding pictures and the stuck shoulder...ouch.


Sandi said...


And OWIE!!!

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