Saturday, 24 November 2012

The Year Jack Frost Stole Christmas

So I was at the big mall today with my dear friend Deb on our annual Christmas shopping/lunching/laughing excursion and we turned the corner to find this:

A freezing and hostile winter setting for... Santa!

With those awesome ice rain lights cheerily blinking climate doom from above.  Enjoy the snow, but drippy icicles and slippery sidewalks are just around the corner!  

Not sure why the buck is now the height of Christmas decor.  This one has accessorized with a festive, spiky necklace.

Blue.  Blue and silver.  Brrrr.

I didn't get a picture but Santa is sitting just offscreen, fortunately dressed in traditional red.  

I'm not sure but I think he was wearing earmuffs due to the extreme CHILL coming from his ultra-welcoming holiday wonderland.

No other woodland creatures hanging around either.  I'm sure they were all huddled in their burrows, freezing.  

Hey!  One month today until Christmas Eve!  You'll be happy to hear that my panic has abated thanks to some cool stuff I found today and a newfound resolve to keep things simple.  

So....  When do we start baking?

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