Saturday, 3 November 2012

Saturday Snackin'

A rare beast in this house - food that everyone loves. 
 Three minutes in the microwave and BOOM!  Guilt free noshing.  
Except if your microwave stops working.  Then you have to boil them.  But we worked some super handy magic on our misbehaving machine and voilà!  She works again.  (And by magic I mean, unplugging, dusting 3+ years worth of crap from underneath it, plugging it in again and HA!  We are amazing.)
Since I have officially overdone oh for real OVERDONE the chocolate this year, these soy beans are just the ticket.

I will be eating them for the next six months.

Except for tomorrow because we are having company for brunch and I am making this recipe.  It's already chilling in the fridge!  Go ahead, click the link.  Simple Bites is an excellent website with lots of great food ideas.  Also, one of the editors is a transplanted Vancouver girl like myself.  Hi Aimée!  You make me want to be an urban homesteader!

Anybody else have big brunch plans tomorrow?


Tina Lavoie said...

Oh, man, that french toast looks fabulous. Want. Now. :)

Theresa said...

Here's hoping! You know, you could always *accidentally* drop in tomorrow at around 11AM... You know, just because you guys were in the neighbourhood.

Vanessa Z. said...

Love that Edemame... so yummy! And pull apart bread? YUMM!!

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