Friday, 23 November 2012

The Fine Print

I never thought that these two would spend a good 45 minutes playing with...
 magnifying glasses.

Eureka! Elementary my dear Watson! Etc.

Then Liliane and I started taking these goofy photos and we laughed so hard my sides still hurt.

 Alice had already moved on to more serious business - the emptying of the drawer.  Next step: teaching her how to put all that stuff BACK.

I am totally returning all those toys we got them for Christmas.

In other news...  I got our winter tires today!  Our dealership had the best deal and I was happy to hang out there because they have a fancy waiting area with a big TV and free wireless.  Oh and the bathrooms are really really clean.  Yes, I am turning into my grandmother, thanks for asking!

While I was tucking into my take-out oatmeal from McDonalds, Simon stopped by to say hi.  Simon is the young man who sold us our beloved Lady Elantra back in March.  Picture a very polite thirteen year old in a suit.  That's Simon.

We ended up chatting for a bit and somehow got on to the subject of the world ending on December 21st.  This is of great concern to Simon who believes quite sincerely that the Mayans got it right and the end is near.  He gave me a comprehensive list of reasons, not the least compelling of which was that all the world's governments are in on it, that's why they are all bankrupt.  Okkkaaaayyy.  And this guy is young!  In his late twenties, showing no signs of mental imbalance.  I guess you never know.

Despite my general anxiety about end-of-the-world scenarios, I am not buying into this one.  Especially after I did about 2 minutes of research and found many articles debunking the whole thing, including the folks at NASA.  Anyway, as I told Simon, I believe in capital G God and since he's in charge, I'm just not going to worry about it.

Although I did go crazy and buy four pairs of socks later that afternoon because hey!  Live each day like it's your last, right?  Woot!

Anyone else concerned about the world ending next month?  I don't know,  the idea of perusing "Holiday Decorating Ideas" boards on Pinterest gives me more stress than the impending apocalypse.  But that's just me. 


bari said...

After a post about holiday stress maybe the world ending isn't a bad philosophy! just prepare as if it is and your holiday related stress will be instantly lowered. World ending stress is another story. Re: magnifying glass...Asher has one that lights up and he plays with it every day. Thrilling stuff I tell ya.

Theresa said...

A magnifying glass with a LIGHT! That would blow their wee minds. I like that - prepare for Christmas as if the world was ending the day before your guests are planning to arrive. LITERALLY!

Jaime said...

The world will not end because the Mayans didn't have leap year, so in the Mayan calendar it's already passed 2013. Or so I read on Twitter. The place where I get all my information. Followed closely by Wikipedia :)

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