Wednesday, 21 November 2012

No Place Like Home...

But Toronto's a pretty great place to hang out.  

Hang out, do some work and EAT.

Not pictured: Jaime's warm apple beignets with ice cream.  She growled at me when I got too close.  

Andrew Lloyd Webber's Wizard of Oz!  Coming soon!

 I was transfixed by the sparkly rainbow, what can I say.

These are deep fried pickles.  I have wanted to try these in 4EVAH.  Although I kinda pictured finding them at a diner in the deep south that serves BBQ and grits as opposed to the centre of all WASPdom, I'm not complaining.  They were delicious.

Can't find the words to express how exhausted I am (read: OLD) but it was a great trip.  Getting home in time for the craziness known as "dinnertime" and subsequent kid baths and bedtime almost sent me to an early grave but as you can see, I type therefore I AM.

Have you ever had deep fried pickles? 

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