Sunday, 4 November 2012

Is it Weird that I'm Sad About a Chair?

This is Melissa, Stéphane's niece.  She's so cute.  

Also cute is Alice's head in the foreground as she made a beeline for Melly's feet.  I have no idea why she does that.

 Melissa and her adorable husband Graham are expecting a baby this spring and needed a rocking chair. 

If you have read this blog you know that we are not having any more kids and no longer need our rocking chair.  *sob*

 They came for brunch and left with the chair and matching ottoman.  And as much as I love the newly liberated space in the living room, it feels like the end of an era.  Or something.


BeeTeeDubs: pumpkin french toast was a hit!  I made waaay too much so I'll have to eat leftovers all week (le sigh) but it was delish.  Also, here is the recipe for brown sugar bacon.  (For you, Graham.  Except I didn't use cooling racks, I just put the bacon directly on the fail and drained the bacon on paper towel afterwards. I know, CRAZY.)

Once our company headed out (my sister-in-law Debbie and Stéphane's nephew Kevin were also there.  No photos but trust me, they are cute, too) Liliane and I got down to making some toasted pumpkin seeds.  Her class did it at daycare so she was super excited to show me how to do it.

 Like every other kid EVER she finds it equal parts GROSS (or GROTH if you happen to have a lisp) and HILARIOUS to touch pumpkin guts.  

I had a good idea, eh Maman?

Yes you did.  A crunchy end to a delicious day.  


bari said...

Im with Liliane, pumpkin guts are groth. I wont go near em. Don't feel sad, the chair has gone to a better place. Here at Tiny Apt we jump for joy when we get rid of things! Seriously can't be too nostalgic over everything or you are gonna have JARS OF BABY TEETH IN YOUR HOUSE.

Carolee said...

Fun! Although, IMHO, pumpkin seeds have to be well disguised in a muffin or something, otherwise - blech.

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