Monday, 26 November 2012

Cough Syrup is for Sissies

I'm at that fuzzy-headed, coughing and sniffling stage of my cold.  Not bad enough to actually lie down, but I'm feeling a little, um, lazy?  I bet you didn't you know that the best remedy for that is eating leftover cupakes organizing your Christmas music.  

This is my Christmas movie and DVD box.  It has only taken me 20 years to remember to pack this in an accessible location so that when November rolls around, I have all my tunes at my fingertips.

Well, imagine my concern when I was hunting around for some Muppets music on my iTunes library that I discovered a hole in my collection.   Turns out that not all my CDs are on the computer.  Due to this emergency situation I was obligated to eat another cupcake drop my work and fix this problem.

In my defense I did some writing and I did send out a flurry of emails this morning and I'm stuck until I get answers so I didn't just *drop* my work (Hi Dad/boss!  Employee of the month in the bag, right?) it was more of a "I'll finish this tomorrow" maneuver.  (Procrastinators Anonymous? Can I come to the meeting tomorrow instead of today?)

ANYWAY. You'll be relieved to know that the great Christmas music disaster of 2012 has been averted.

In no particular order, here are some of my favourites.  Heavy on the cheese but that's how I roll.

Sarah Mclachlan - Song for a Winter's Night
So bittersweet and beautiful.

Harry Connick, Jr - Must Have Been Ol' Santa!
Shameless happy holiday romp.  Harry can do no wrong as far as I'm concerned.

The Canadian Tenors - Silent Night

Julie Andrews - It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
Although frankly Julie Andrews could sing Baby Got Back and I would cherish it.

Bing Crosby - Mele Kalikimaka
The BEST. Man, I love those crooners.

Frank Sinatra - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
See above.

KT Tunstall - Fairytale of New York
I seriously think this is my favourite Christmas song.

I have a total weakness for olde-tyme English/Irish carols.  All those weird ones you've never heard of?  I probably have them on CD.  My friend Deb however wisely stopped me from buying Sting's Christmas CD on the weekend.  It had a song on it called The Burning Babe that could not possibly end well.

The Chieftans - The Wexford Carol

Martha Wainwright - Rebel Jesus
I love the image of a Rebel Jesus.  Also calling us out on our habit to be nice to people only at Christmastime. Why do we do that?

Mormon Tabernacle Choir - Carol of the Bells
I said it last year, I will say it again.  These Mormons can SING.

OK so there are many, many more but in the interest of, you know, having a life, I will leave it at that.

Update on sleep: Liliane did not wake us up last night.  She turned her music on all by herself.  IT'S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE, READERS.  Even Alice didn't make a peep until 8:30 this morning.


Isn't it nice when you realize that your child CAN learn how to do something?  That maybe they were actually listening?  It only takes approximately 983682 repetitions, but it's possible!

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Vanessa Z. said...

Love, love, love all the CHristmas music! I have Sarah McLaughlin in my car now on repeat. I had a similar problem of not being able to locate CHristmasy things... mine was movies. GAH! Finally found them at the bottom of a very large pile of boxes.

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