Thursday, 8 November 2012


I have a friend from high school that I was so happy to find recently on Facebook.  Hi Martha!

Yesterday I asked if anyone in my circle of friends was a Republican and had anything to say about the election.  It's a legitimate question because between Twitter, Facebook and this here blog, I rarely see anyone who is pro-Republican.   Turns out all my friends are hippies.

But lovely Martha happens to be a fan of the GOP and she explained her disappointment on my Facebook page.  Then she asked me why I was so excited about Obama.  

Good question.  

How can I possibly comment on a government that has nothing to do with me?  I can't without sounding like a total jerk.  Obama is cool, Romney is not.  See?  JERK.

But I can comment on my perception of the Obama administration based on where he stands on the big ticket items.  

I did a quick review of the two parties and their platforms.  For the record, this is always how I choose my candidates.  I have to compare how they stand on the issues so I don't get swayed by the one with the best hair.  Oooh, I love her outfit! CHECK. *smacksforehead*

Healthcare - As I understand it, more people have more access to more services.  Romney would prefer to change that because it's too expensive.  I think that healthcare is a worthy place to spend money. 

Military - Being at war means big money for certain people.  It's bad enough to have to fight for your country based on principals (I agree with taking out the Taliban, yes) but don't just hang out over there indefinitely allowing other people's children to be sacrificed.  FOR MONEY.  

Lady Parts - I happen to agree that abortion should be available but I can see why a Christian would argue against it.  The problem is, personal beliefs don't have a place on the political stage.  Period.  Also if more than one of your candidates makes wildly inappropriate comments about women, rape and reproduction, there might be some adjusting to be done.

Gay Marriage -  I am aware that Bible condemns homosexuality.  But I also don't see the sense in denying people the chance to commit their lives to each other based on what's in their pants.  WHO CARES.

Just to be clear: I am a Christian, I believe that the Bible is true and that Christians should be free to share their faith.   But the Bible speaks so often of love, acceptance, encouragement and our duty to help others.  And I don't find a lot of that reflected in the Republican platform.  It's hard to ignore the fact that there is a lot of money and a lot of votes in the Bible belt.

But this is my perception from up here in Canada.  


(Back to regular, non-political, hopefully witty content tomorrow!)


Vanessa Z. said...

I totally just looked at your blog 10 minutes ago looking for a post!

I am so with you on everything... I may not agree with some people's stances on things, but I am certainly not going to tell them that they can't do them. Obama seems normal... Romney seems a little wacky. I think that it was a good choice... that's my non-educated opinion.

bari said...

I like that your blog connects this post to the one about Asher's bris. HA!

Theresa said...

My SIL Bari just left me this comment that I somehow DELETED like an idiot. Sorry Bari! Here it is:

Obvs I agree with you, as you well know my feelings on these subjects but thank you for sharing. I am not a Christian but I am also not interested in a same-sex marriage, I have never asked for a dime from the government and I personally would not have an abortion but what does that have to do with anyone else?? That's truly the root of many a frustration with ultra-conservatives that are trying (and failing!) to run the country. Hiding your hatred behind a bible verse is funny to me because we all know PLENTY of verses that people do not bring up because they aren't as convenient. It is very hypocritical and quite disgusting. I can't say Jesus and I are very close but I know that he believed in helping people. I know the bible has speaks a lot about helping the poor, something most republicans have no interest in. I find it so interesting that many people see the same God as you do but choose hate over love. Thanks for choosing love!

susan said...

I don't know...and therefore I probably shouldn't even comment.
Perhaps if I was to pick the less of two evils I would pick Obama but I'm not sure...why don't they get a third choice - maybe someone who is right smack dab in the middle of those two??? ;-)

I think healthcare in the States kind of bites and I believe in our current financial state if we lived there we'd be bankrupt with medical bills and that would likely only be from giving birth 3x! That needs to change - and from what I can see from my friends in the States those who oppose it, have money.

Abortion & gay topics - I know what I believe based on a Biblical perspective but what is sad & embarassing to me as a Christian is that what we are biblically taught about LOVE, RESPECT, GRACE...gets thrown out the window and hate, intolerance & judgement take over. THIS is not good, and not biblical - you can't pick and choose parts of the bible to believe & call yourself a Christian!

My personal opinions HAVE to affect my choices politically, how can they not. They are a part of me, a part of how I raise my kids, a part of my every day choices - they'd have to play a part in my vote. But in love, acceptance and with grace. Is that possible???

WOW, holy rambling Susan!! Not sure what my point was - maybe that I am VERY glad I didn't have to vote for Obama or Romney.

Theresa said...

Good points, Susan. I'm glad I didn't have to make that choice, either!

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