Thursday, 2 October 2008

We're So Proud

While we may have been traumatized recently by another slightly younger baby who was already saying "uh-oh!", we're proud of the skills OUR baby has already acquired at her tender age.

Check this out and prepared to be wowed people:


But wait, it doesn't stop there! Genius knows no bounds in our house! She has also picked up THIS useful trick:


I don't care how many developmental milestones your baby has achieved, my baby's laugh kicks your baby's BUTT any day!


susan said...

She has such a great laugh!! I love the videos!

Ruth said...

Ummm... I hate to be the one to bring this point up but I think that your precious little bundle has the 2 of you really well trained... LOL...

Love the laugh... hmmm why is she laughing!??

Shawna said...

Love it!! You do have a doll for a child, she's a beaut!

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