Wednesday, 8 October 2008

The Birthday Countdown

I finally broke down and bought Liliane a barrette. It's by Giddy Giddy and I LOVE it!

It's so cute AND it totally holds her hair in place! I'm a late convert to the world of baby hair accessories (my sister the Baby Guru was trying to get me to put girlie crap in her hair when she was still a newborn. OK so she was a super hairy-headed newborn but I just wasn't ready.)

Since we are always looking for more ways to fill our days, we shot a short film on the weekend! Stéphane and his friend Véronique wrote the script together as we are hoping to get funding to do a film adaptation of one of her short stories that was recently published. This very short piece will be an example of what these two creative minds can do and will hopefully impress the crusty, out-of-touch government drones (oops, did that sound bitter?) that get to decide who is deemed worthy to receive taxpayers' money to pursue their creative vision. Most of us are NOT deemed worthy. And if Stephen Harper has his way, many MORE OF US ARTISTS (as in, people like me who work in the arts) will not get much of anything, ever. But that's a different post :)

Back to the film!

Our friend Pierre gave us a hand on Sunday doing sound:

We shot at my friend Francine's cottage on a lake about an hour outside of Montréal.

The director and Sarah, our very generous and very talented actress:

My producing duties on this project consisted pretty much of being on baby duty all weekend and organizing the food. I did get to slip away on Sunday to shoot the last scene. It was the first time that I wasn't right beside Stéphane the whole time which was a strange feeling for me. We had talked so much about the script and the shoot beforehand that I knew he would get everything he wanted, but we've been working together for over 12 years now so it was weird.

This is Francine's daughter Charlotte who was our other actress and who also happens to be a champion babysitter. While I was out, she got Liliane to have a nap which is a miracle as far as I'm concerned.

Liliane on her first family film shoot!

Doing her Winston Churchill/Queen Victoria face.

On Sunday night we ordered Thai to treat ourselves after our big weekend. This is what happened when I gave Liliane some crispy spinach. Actually, this is AFTER I cleaned her off.

Note to self: no more crispy spinach until she's 18. It was EVERYWHERE.

Random cute photo of Stéphane getting good use out of his 99-cent Halloween clown nose. Also another view of Liliane's new barrette!

The sleep routine has been changing lately since our kiddo is starting to fall asleep when we give her a bottle before bed. Usually we start with a bath, get her into PJs, give her a bottle and then read a few stories before hitting the sack. Since we've been skipping the stories lately, I've been making an effort to have reading time when we get home at the end of the day or after dinner.

She is a little more wiggly than right before bed, but tonight she was actually sitting STILL-ish and concentrating on turning the pages, her new trick. Plus she loves that book. (It's PEEPO! super cute).

She's all about the pointing these days, too.

I can hardly believe that our baby is going to be 1 next week. I've been in a comtemplative state of mind over the last little while as the big day gets nearer. It is SUCH A BIG DEAL to me that we actually made it to this huge milestone. Our 8 lbs, 1 oz. bundle is now a solid and happy 20 pounds and will be walking on her own two (chubby little) legs any minute now. When I reflect on this year that is coming to a close, I feel great waves of gratitude to all of our friends and family for getting us through it all and an even bigger rush of RELIEF that the hard part is over. (Please parents, don't burst my bubble, OK? I KNOW there are hard things still to come, but please let me relish my victory, as fleeting as it may be...)

I am warning you now that I intend to mark this occasion by writing more than one sentimental/mushy post so you'll just have to bear with me for the next week or so.

I remember exactly how that moment was and how her breath felt and how her head smelled. Sigh.


Jennifer said...

Awwwww!! So sweet :)
Miss ya!

mom said...

She looks so sweet with her new barrette!! And her hair is getting so long! Wonderful pics, as always.

Adorn Me jewelry said...

Lili is such a smiling, joyful sweetie. It really IS hard to believe it's been almost a year. I was telling Eric the other day that I've lived here for over 9 months -- that's hard to believe, too.

I understand your feelings about second-hand clothing when it comes to your baby. You don't know where it's been, etc, and it just feels kind of icky. The little coat is adorable, Theresa, as is the new barrette. :)

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