Thursday, 16 October 2008

My Baby Turns 1 - Part 2

The BEFORE pictures:

And away she goes! Icing side first natch:

How sweet! Sharing with Papa.

Awww, sharing with Maman!

I mean, giving Maman a Sunday Dessert Face...

And having fun doing it...

Just let me give you some color...

And these would be the AFTER pictures:

After dinner she opened her present from Grandma that came all the way from B.C.

We had a look at the cozy pajamas Grandma sent (thanks Mom! Her toes are starting to poke through all her footsie PJs!) then Liliane spied this super soft and cuddly stuffed sheep. He's extra special because you can heat him up in the microwave and baby can keep warm on chilly Montréal nights.

Liliane's first piece of jewlry! That girl is going to be all about the bling, I can tell already.

We also have a present or two for her but we figure one per day is good. We'll give it to her tomorrow. Or Christmas. She's still totally gaga for the helium balloon she got on Sunday - it's a tough act to follow!

After her bath and bottle, Liliane ended her first birthday by reading her new book with Papa, Madame Anniversaire.

Although in this picture it looks more like she's doing the reading while Stéphane is taking care of the falling asleep bit...

Well, it's almost exactly the time when Liliane was born last year: 11:22 PM. Looking back, we had NO IDEA what kind of crazy adventure was starting that night. Phew! Thanks to God, our family, our friends, lots of coffee, a few special CDs and daytime TV shows: WE MADE IT THROUGH THE FIRST YEAR.

To celebrate, we're having a shindig with about 30 of our nearest and dearest on Sunday afternoon. Tomorrow is all about errands for me and getting tidied up for Matthew and Bari's arrival. Party photos in my next post!

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Jennifer said...

I wanna be there!!!
Have a great party :)

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