Monday, 30 July 2012


We're being as lazy as we can.

Morning: leisurely breakfast, get into bathing suits, slather on the sunblock, walk down the stairs to the dock. The lake is shallow and warm and lovely.

Lunch then Alice naps. So far adorable husband has taken #1 daughter out so I can have some free time.

I read my book today AND had a shower.

While dinner was cooking, badminton and other assorted yard games. Husband beat me even though HE WAS HOLDING THE BABY.

We made beer can chicken on the BBQ and lo, it was good.

After dinner, baths and special treat. Watch a Dora DVD instead of stories. Alice fell asleep on Stéphane and Liliane went down not long after.

No wi-fi so no photos. But we are enjoying ourselves! I promise!

1 comment:

bari said...

Sounds like tremendous fun but I think I'm a lil concerned that showering is a milestone (or the mark of a great vaca) PU, my friend.

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